How To Connect JBL Headphones To MacBook

How To Connect JBL Headphones To MacBook Manually?

How To Connect JBL Headphones To MacBook? There’s no doubt that JBL headphones are among the best in the market, mainly because they come with cutting-edge tech and innovation. However, there are some cases where users need to pair their JBL headphones manually.

Thankfully, connecting JBL headphones to MacBook isn’t difficult at all. You just need to ensure that the headphone has a full charge and that it’s not connected to another device.

Features Of Connect JBL Headphones To MacBook

  • Whether you work in a bustling office or from the comfort of your home, your wireless headphones are an indispensable part of your workflow. Besides the obvious perks like music streaming and hands-free phone calls, you can also use them for virtual conference calls and Slack huddles with your team members. This is why it’s essential to keep them charged and functional, so you can focus on your work without distraction.
  • If you can’t get your headphones to power on despite charging them and having them in pairing mode, it might be because of a faulty pair or due to an issue with your smartphone. Check if your smartphone has Bluetooth turned off or not connected to your device and try again. You can also contact the company or retailer you purchased from for warranty support.
  • Once your headphones are connected, you can control them via the JBL app or with the buttons on the buds themselves. You can even customize the EQ settings to suit your audio preferences. The app also allows you to find the best fit for your ears with the ear tip tester and adjust them accordingly to optimize performance.
  • You can also use the app to access voice assistant functionality for your JBL headphones. Choose from either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa depending on your preferred voice assistant. You can ask for music, make a call, or even use the weather report with just a voice command.

1. Turn on the Headphones

When it comes to pairing your JBL headphones with your laptop or computer, it’s a simple process. As long as your earbuds or speakers have a charge and are powered on, they’ll automatically pair with any new device they connect to (with fast pairing). You can also manually put them into pairing mode, which works similarly on all Bluetooth devices. With older Android and iPhone devices, you can simply enable Bluetooth on your device, open the earbuds or speaker’s case, and select them when they appear in the Bluetooth list. You can also install the JBL Portable app on mobile devices to access more advanced features like setting up PartyBoost mode for select models of headphones and speakers, or see if yours has a JBL Assistant feature.

With your headphones or earbuds fully charged, press and hold the power button to turn them on. This usually doubles as the Bluetooth button and should start flashing blue rapidly. After a few seconds, the headphones. Should display in your device’s list of discoverable Bluetooth devices and can be selected to connect to them.

If your headphones aren’t connecting despite being powered on, try resetting them. Resetting your headphones is a simple process. Can often fix problems that may be interfering with their Bluetooth signals. Such as being too far away from other devices or being blocked by water or microwaves.

2. Put the Headphones in Pairing Mode

With advancements in Bluetooth protocols and features like Google Fast Pair on Android devices, connecting your JBL headphones to a new device should be near-instantaneous. That said, there may be situations where you will have to go through the pairing process manually. For example, you might be using an older version of the headphones or a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

First, make sure your JBL headphones have a charge and are powered on. Locate the Bluetooth button on the headphones or earbud case. For JBL over-ear and on-ear headphones, this is usually situated on the right earcup. For earbuds, it’s typically located on the control panel (or touch interface). Once you’ve found it, press and hold it until a flashing LED starts to appear.


Once your JBL headphone is in pairing mode, turn on your MacBook. Click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and enable Bluetooth. Go to the Bluetooth settings and select your JBL earbuds from the list of discoverable devices. Select them to connect and test the connection by playing some audio.

Alternatively, you can also go to the Apple logo on the top left corner of your screen and select System Settings. Click on Bluetooth, ensure your earbuds are in pairing mode and they will appear under “Nearby Devices.” Select them to connect.

3. Select the Headphones

Aside from providing a great listening experience, JBL headphones also offer the convenience of being able to connect with other devices via Bluetooth. This is especially useful for Mac users, who need to be able to easily pair and control their headphones. Fortunately, the process is not difficult, and it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

If you are having trouble pairing your Headphones with your computer, first make sure that they are powered on and in a discoverable mode. To do this, press and hold the power button until you hear a chime or see a blue LED light on your headphones. Afterward, go to your device’s Settings menu and select the Bluetooth option. From there, you can begin scanning for compatible devices. After a few moments, you will likely see your JBL headphones appear in the list of available devices. Select them and click “Connect” to establish a connection.

You can also try using a third-party Bluetooth device manager such as AirBuddy or ToothFairy to connect your devices faster and more reliably. Both of these apps are easy to use and come with a range of other helpful features, including the ability to customize your audio outputs.

If you still have problems connecting your headphones, it may be time to reset your connection. This can be done by selecting the headphones in the Bluetooth menu on your Mac, or by visiting System Preferences. Alternatively, you can use the Apple Bluetooth icon in the menu bar to disconnect your headphones.

4. Follow the On-Screen Instructions

JBL is a leading tech brand that makes top-quality audio products. Its headphones are highly sought after for their innovative design and sound quality. They come with a wide variety of features including multipoint pairing, making them highly customizable and convenient to use.

Connecting a pair of JBL Bluetooth headphones to your laptop can be very simple, especially if you follow the correct steps. To start with, make sure that your device has the necessary hardware to support a Bluetooth connection. If you are unsure whether your laptop supports Bluetooth, consult its manual or search online for information. Next, power on the headphones and put them in pairing mode. The headphones should then appear on your computer as a discoverable device. Select the headphones and follow any on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Once the headphones are connected, they will act as your computer’s sound output and input devices. You can control their functions using the controls on the headphone’s neckband or by navigating to the device’s settings menu. To disconnect your headset, simply turn off the Bluetooth feature on your device.

You can also try to resolve common issues that may affect the connection of your headphones by using a simple command on Terminal. This method will clear out any existing settings that could cause a problem with the Bluetooth connections.


JBL is a subsidiary branch of Harman that offers feature-packed wireless headphones and in-ears with well-balanced sound. Their wireless devices are typically able to cut out a decent amount of ambient noise, such as chit-chat and whiny PC fans.

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