How to Connect PS4 controller to PC wired

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Wired:

To connect the PS4 controller to the PC, you must install a USB controller driver that is compatible with the PS4 controller.

The PS4 controller’s wireless capabilities may be affected by signal interference, so if you encounter problems syncing, you should unplug the PS4 console and the wireless controller. If you’re able to resolve this issue, you should be able to use the controller.

Problems with a PS4 controller how to Connect PS4 controller to PC wired:

If you’re having trouble playing games on your PS4 console, you may be having problems with your PS4 controller. In such a situation, you may want to try disconnecting the controller and re-connecting it to the console.

The process is relatively straightforward. To do this, unscrew the four screws from the PS4 controller and locate the “Reset” button. This button is next to the upper right-hand screw.

You can use a paperclip or toothpick to press the button. Once the PS4 is back together, you should be able to pair it and re-sync it to your console.

Another common cause of PS4 controller problems is a jammed button. If you can’t access the button on the controller, you can try to reset the console’s factory default settings. This process will require you to reinstall the system software, so make sure you back up all your important files before performing this procedure.

Alternatively, you can try to remove the controller from the console, clean it and reconnect it. If you can’t find a solution to the problem, you should claim a refund or a replacement PS4 controller under warranty.

Update Driver how to Connect PS4 controller to PC wired

If your PS4 controller does not show up in the Device Manager, you may need to update its driver. Windows OS will attempt to install and download drivers automatically, but in some cases, this can fail.

If this happens, try connecting the controller to your PC via a different USB cable. Then, restart your computer to complete the installation.

You should also check if your controller is compatible with your computer. Some models of PS4 controllers are not compatible with the newer versions of Windows. However, if you have an old model, you should still be able to use it.

Bluetooth connection:

There are several ways to connect your PS4 controller to a PC, but the most straightforward is to use Bluetooth.

To make a Bluetooth connection, connect your PC’s Bluetooth to your Wireless Controller and enter the paired code. This will ensure that both devices are working together.

Open the Action Center in Windows 10 and click on Bluetooth. You will see the PS4 controller and Windows 10. Click the pair button and enter the 0000 pair code. The Bluetooth connection will be enabled on your computer.

You will be prompted to pair it with Windows 10. Follow the instructions in windows to pair your controller with the computer.

Once you’ve set up your PS4 controller, you can connect it to your PC via Bluetooth or USB. The PC should have a built-in Bluetooth receiver, but you can also purchase a Bluetooth USB dongle.

USB cable connection:

When connecting a PlayStation 4 controller to a PC, it’s best to use a USB cable. The micro USB connector is small and rectangular and features two thin metal strips on one side. There are also ways to connect your controller wirelessly via Bluetooth.

However, a Bluetooth connection takes a little more setup than a wired connection. First, you must turn on the Bluetooth on your computer. You can find this option under the Bluetooth settings option.

If your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can add the controller using a wireless adapter. You can also pair your PS4 controller with a Bluetooth adapter.

Using this adapter is easy, and it works on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers. If you have a wireless adapter, you can connect your PS4 controller without any problems.


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