Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer The Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available

Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer The Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available?

Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer The Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available? Sometimes basic problems can be resolved with simple fixes. First of all, ensure that the data cable is fully plugged in and that the printer has the sharing feature turned on.

Some Windows users are facing an issue where they receive the error Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer The Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available. This guide will help you resolve this issue with ease.

Disable Antivirus:

Many third-party antivirus software applications can cause issues when trying to access network resources. If your computer has antivirus installed and you’re getting the Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available error message, try temporarily disabling it to see if the problem goes away. Most major antivirus apps will allow you to disable protection temporarily for specific programs, so you shouldn’t have any problems with disabling it for this issue.

The Specified Network Name Is No Longer available error can occur when the device you’re trying to access supports SMB 1.0 (Server Message Block) while your system doesn’t support it. This is a common problem for computers running Windows 10 because SMB 1.0 isn’t installed by default on the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. SMB is used to provide shared access to files, printers, and serial ports.

Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer The Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available:

Sometimes a simple restart will fix this problem without any other changes. If this doesn’t work, you may need to reset your TCP/IP settings. This will restore all IP protocols and DNS entries to their default state, which is known to fix many different networking-related issues in Windows. To do this, open the Command Prompt and type net use DeviceName>: ServerName>, then press Enter. This will turn on file and printer sharing for your computer and should resolve the Specified Network Name Is No longer available error.

Map Network Drive:

If you’re getting the error code 0x00000775 when trying to connect to your network printer, you can try a few different methods to fix it. First, make sure that your computer is connected to the network. Also, be sure that the printer is plugged in and turned on.

Another common reason for the error is that the printer’s drivers are outdated. It’s important to update the drivers as soon as possible. You can do this manually by downloading the latest drivers from your printer’s manufacturer’s website or by using Windows Device Manager.

You can also try the troubleshooter from Microsoft to solve this problem. It’s a simple process that will identify and resolve any problems with your connection to the printer. To open the troubleshooter, press the Win + I key at the same time and select Troubleshoot from the menu on the left sidebar. Then, choose the printer from the Additional Troubleshooters option.


If the above steps don’t work, you can try modifying the registry. This will change the value of the Printer Remote Procedure Call (RPC) binding, which handles authentication for the remote Winspool interface. This solution requires you to change a registry key on the server side of your network. To do so, press the Windows key and R to open the Run dialog. Then, type regedit and click OK.

Restart the Printer:

The printer may not be able to connect to your computer because of issues with the network. You can fix this by restarting both your computer and the printer. This is a simple solution that often works. You can also try reinstalling the printer drivers to see if that helps.

You can also use the Windows troubleshooters to help you solve your printer-related problems. To do this, press Win + I to open Windows Settings and select Update & Security. Once you’re there, you can choose Troubleshoot and click the Additional Troubleshooters option. Once you’re done, you can run the Printer troubleshooter to see if it fixes the problem.

Another common cause of this error is outdated or corrupted printer drivers. You can resolve this by updating the driver. To do this, you can open the Device Manager and expand the Print queues. Then, right-click on your printer and select Update driver. You can also choose Search automatically for driver updates to let your computer find the latest driver.

If your printer is not working, it might be a good idea to check its power source and ensure that it’s plugged in correctly. Additionally, you should make sure that the cables aren’t loose or disconnected. If these basic solutions don’t work, you can always contact the manufacturer of your printer to get support.

Reinstall the Printer:

There are a few steps that you can take to fix this issue. First, you should make sure that the printer is turned on and connected properly. Next, you should restart the computer to see if that fixes the problem. If not, you may need to reinstall the printer. This is a common problem that can be caused by outdated drivers or by other issues with the computer or network.

Windows Cannot Connect To The Printer The Specified Network Name Is No Longer Available:

You can reinstall the printer by opening the Settings app and selecting Devices. Select Printers & scanners and click Add a printer. Select the option to add a local or network printer and follow the on-screen instructions. If the printer still doesn’t appear, try changing the driver settings. For example, if the printer has a hostname or IP address, change it to the local port.

In addition, you can also try running a repair on the Windows Registry. If this doesn’t work, you can delete the Client Side Rendering Print Provider. To do this, you need to stop the printer spooler service and open the Registry Editor. Then, right-click on Client Side Rendering Print Provider and select Delete. After that, restart the spooler and try connecting to the printer again. If this doesn’t work, you may need to reinstall the driver. You can find the driver files for the printer on the manufacturer’s website and download them from there.

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