How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox Series X

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox Series X And S Without An External Adapter?

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox Series X? For those who want to use Bluetooth headphones. With their Xbox Series X/S without the need for an external adapter, this article will show you how.

The most obvious way is to purchase. A pair of wireless gaming headsets that are natively compatible with the Xbox platform. Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth transmitter.

1. Connect the Headphones:

With games getting more realistic and immersive by the day, gamers have come to expect great visuals and top-notch audio. In-game sound effects and voice acting are now some of the most important aspects of a game. Experience and if you’re using the best pair of headphones. You can get them, and you’ll be able to enjoy them at their full potential.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X and S consoles don’t support Bluetooth headsets directly. Instead, they use a different wireless protocol that isn’t compatible with most Bluetooth devices. The good news is that there are still ways to connect your favorite headphones. But it will require some extra work on your part.

Some wireless headphones and headsets come with a wireless USB adapter that is designed to be plugged into an Xbox One or Series X|S console. If this is the case with your headphones or headset, follow these instructions to connect them to your Xbox Series X|S console.

Turn on the Xbox and locate the USB port at the back of the console (or the front panel for Series S). Plug in the USB Bluetooth transmitter or adapter that comes with your headphones or headset. Once the adapter is turned on, wait for the Bluetooth headphones or headset to automatically pair with your Xbox. If they don’t, press the pairing button on the headphones or headset to enter pairing mode and then follow the steps outlined in this guide to connect them to your console.

2. Turn on the Xbox:

Unlike the previous generation of Xbox consoles, Series X and S don’t have native Bluetooth support. If you want to use a pair of Bluetooth headphones with your Xbox, you’ll need to get a third-party transmitter. These devices plug into a USB port on the Xbox and convert its wireless audio output signal into a Bluetooth signal. They come in a variety of form factors, from USB dongles to tiny adapters that look like game controllers.

The best option is a headset that connects natively to Xbox Bluetooth without the need for an external adapter. These headsets typically cost more but offer superior sound quality and lower latency than non-compatible headsets.

Once you have the transmitter connected, power on your Xbox and press the pairing button on your headphones to activate the connection mode. The LED light will flash intermittently when the headphones are in pairing mode. When the LED stops flashing, the headphones have been successfully paired with your Xbox.


You can also skip the transmitter and use your TV’s built-in Bluetooth feature to connect your headphones directly to the console. This method will work for any headphones that are Bluetooth compatible with your TV’s wireless technology, including most wired headphones. The exact steps will vary from TV to TV, but generally, you’ll need to turn on your TV’s Bluetooth option and scan for available headsets.

3. Press the Pairing Button on the Headphones:

If your headphones aren’t already in pairing mode, start by removing them from their charging case or pushing the Bluetooth pairing button on the back of the headphone case. This will usually cause the LED indicator to flash green. Once the headphones or earbuds are in pairing mode, they’ll automatically pair with your Xbox.

This process can take a while, and you may have to repeat this step a few times before the headset is recognized by the adapter. Once the headset is paired, you can hear audio from your games and chats over your Xbox without any wires getting in the way. You can also use the headset to connect to your TV or another device with a 3.5mm port (e.g., Roku).

You can find a list of compatible Bluetooth headsets for the Xbox Series X and S here. To ensure that your headset is compatible, check that it supports the OMTP protocol and that you have an OMTP-to-CTIA adapter.

If you’re still having trouble connecting your Bluetooth headphones, try restarting the headset and console. If you still can’t pair them, you may need to replace the 3.5mm adapter or try a different USB Bluetooth transmitter. A popular option is the Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter on Amazon. It’s designed to work with gaming devices and has excellent reviews.

4. Press the Pairing Button on the Xbox:

While it would be nice to just be able to connect wireless headphones and earbuds to the Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to do this natively. The company uses its own wireless protocol that is different than standard Bluetooth, so you need to use a third-party device to get it to work.

Some headsets will come with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter that allows them to pair without the need for a separate dongle. This is typically reserved for premium headphones that you can’t get with a normal Bluetooth connection. You should be able to tell if your headset comes with this capability as they will have a button on them that you need to press. This will trigger a pairing mode that will allow the headset to pair with your console. Once the headset is paired, you should be able to hear audio from your TV and will see a light on the headset to indicate that it’s connected.

Those headsets that don’t have a built-in Bluetooth connection will require a small USB Bluetooth transmitter. You can find these on Amazon and are usually fairly inexpensive. There are also more advanced options available if you want one that is designed specifically for gaming but these will be more expensive. Once you have your Bluetooth transmitter, plug it into a USB port on the Xbox and turn it on. You may need to repeat the steps above a few times to make sure that everything is connecting correctly. Once the headset is paired, you can start listening to audio from your games and movies.

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