How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox Series S

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox Series S?

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox Series S? The Xbox Series X and S consoles don’t support Bluetooth connections natively. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use your favorite wireless headphones with them.

To do so, you’ll need a pair that supports Microsoft Wireless. These headsets come with a transmitter/dongle that will allow you to connect them to the Xbox Series X and S.

Headsets with a dongle:

Most headphones that are not officially paired with an Xbox console have a special USB adapter that you can use to get them to work on your Series X or S. These are typically called Bluetooth headset transmitters and come with a USB plug-in.

Most of these have a switch that lets you turn the device into a transmitter or receiver by flipping it. Make sure to purchase one that can act as a transmitter since this is what you’ll need. Once you’ve done that, simply plug the device into one of the Series X or S USB ports (or the front panel for Series S) and then power on your headset. The headset should be able to detect the Bluetooth transmitter and connect automatically.

The instructions on how to connect a headset with a transmitter may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so consult the user manual if you have any trouble. Once the device is paired, you should see both the Bluetooth icon on your headset and the LED on the Bluetooth adapter flashing intermittently. The headset should also play a tone once it’s connected to your Series X or S.

Keep in mind that you will be dealing with some latency when using this method, and the quality of your audio may be diminished slightly. This may be especially noticeable when playing competitive games where hearing a footstep a millisecond early can be the difference between winning and losing.

Headsets with a transmitter:

Many headsets that support audio wirelessly come with their own USB transmitter. They are typically labeled as either TX (transmitting) or RX (receiving). One such device can be used to connect a pair of Bluetooth headphones to an Xbox Series X or S. First, connect the transmitter to one of the console’s USB ports. You can attach it to the back of the console if you’d prefer not to detract from its sleek design. Once the adapter is connected, power on both the console and the headphones. If the headset has a microphone switch, flip it to the On position. Next, press the pairing button on your headset. After a few seconds, the indicator lights should stop flashing, indicating a successful connection.

This method isn’t ideal for gaming, as the extra device adds a small amount of latency to your audio. This can make it difficult to hear your friends clearly during party chat or compete in competitive games where that millisecond of delay can cost you the game. However, if you’re mostly looking for the convenience of wireless audio, this is a good option.

You can also use a regular Bluetooth adapter to connect your existing headsets to an Xbox Series X or S. Look for an adapter that supports both TX and RX functions, like this one from Syncwire. It has great reviews, is loved by thousands of gamers, and comes at an attractive price point.


Headsets with a cable:

Gaming headphones are highly useful for gamers who want to listen to their game audio without having to be bound to a chair or couch. However, not all headsets are Bluetooth compatible with the Xbox Series X and S. This is due to the fact that the console only supports its own propriety wireless headsets. Luckily, there are several workarounds for gamers who own Bluetooth headsets.

The first is to use a Bluetooth transmitter that will connect to the bottom of your controller. These are available at most electronics stores and online. Then, simply follow the steps to pair your Bluetooth headset with the transmitter. Once the headset is paired with the transmitter, it will automatically work on the Xbox. However, you won’t be able to use your headset’s microphone with this method.

Another method involves using a 3.5mm audio adapter. Plug the adapter into an available port on your Xbox controller, then put your headphones in pairing mode. For most headsets, this means long-pressing the pairing button for a few seconds. Once the headset is in pairing mode, you should hear a repeating pairing tone on your device and see an indicator light flashing on your headset. After a few moments, the headset will connect to your Xbox Series X|S. While this isn’t as convenient as a native headset, it is still a workaround that will allow you to use your Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox.

Headsets with a USB adapter:

If you’re a gamer who prefers to play with a headset, you may be disappointed to learn that the Xbox Series X and S do not support Bluetooth connections natively. This is because the consoles use a proprietary audio protocol called Xbox Wireless instead of Bluetooth. However, there are a few workarounds that can help you connect headphones to your console.

One of the most popular methods is to use a third-party Bluetooth transmitter. These devices can be purchased online, and they work with most headsets. However, it is important to make sure that the transmitter is compatible with your device. Another option is to use a TV that supports Bluetooth connections. This method can be convenient for those who want to use a headset for both gaming and watching TV.

The first step is to plug the headphones into the USB adapter. Once the headphones are paired with the adapter, turn on the Xbox and press its Bluetooth pairing button. When the headset’s LED starts flashing rapidly, it has been paired with the console.

Some headsets come with a USB dongle, while others do not. The former requires more work to pair with the Xbox, but they are typically cheaper and offer better audio quality. The latter is usually reserved for premium headsets, which can cost more than $300.

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