How to Connect Buds 2 Pro with Macbook Pro Laptop

If you’re looking to connect your Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with a MacBook, we have some good news. Unlike Apple’s AirPods, Samsung’s earbuds are compatible with macOS.

To pair the buds with your computer, you’ll need to put them in pairing mode first. To do this, open the case and press and hold the touchpads.

1. Turn on Bluetooth How to Connect Buds 2 Pro with Macbook Pro Laptop:

If the Galaxy Buds aren’t connecting to your Mac, it could be because they’re already paired with other devices or because of low battery levels. Try placing the earbuds in their case and keeping it shut for 10 seconds before opening them to activate pairing mode.

You can also use the SmartThings Find network to track your Galaxy Buds if you lose them or they’re misplaced (either on a plane or between couch cushions).

It takes a couple of minutes to set it up in the Galaxy Wearable app, but once it’s complete, it’s easy to find.

You can also connect Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with a Windows computer or laptop by following these steps: Place the earbuds in their case and close the lid for about five seconds. Open the case and press and hold both touchpads until you hear a series of beeps.

2. Open the case:

Also, If you’re having trouble connecting your Samsung Galaxy Buds to your MacBook, it may be because the earbuds are not fully charged.

If this is the case, you should charge them up for a few minutes before trying again. If the problem persists, you can try a factory reset.

To perform a factory reset, place the earbuds in their charging case and close it. Wait for about seven to ten seconds, then open the case.

This will power cycle the earbuds and put them into pairing mode. After that, you can connect them to your MacBook.

Just make sure that Bluetooth is turned on before you start the process. If not, the system may not be able to detect the earbuds. Also, it is important that the earbuds are clean and not damaged.

3. Press and hold the touchpads:

The touch controls on each earbud offer simple actions like play/pause and skip, plus more complex options like changing listening modes.

They also have a customizable long-press gesture that can launch Bixby, activate Spotify, or control volume (down on left, up on right).

Samsung added SmartThings Find to its Galaxy Wearable app, which lets you track down your Buds 2 Pro if they ever go missing — even if they’re stuffed between the couch cushions.

The feature requires a few seconds to set up, but it could come in handy if you lose your buds or accidentally leave them behind at home.

To use it, open the app and follow the prompts. You’ll need to have the case with the earbuds inside closed. If you do, a notification will appear and ask if you want to connect.

4. Wait for the earbuds to enter pairing mode:

If your Buds don’t automatically pair with a new device, try manually pairing them. You’ll need to do this on a device with Bluetooth enabled, and make sure the earbuds are charged enough.

You can also change the duration of time that the earbuds keep the volume low and continue to listen for voice commands, even if they’re not active. You can do this from the Settings app.

To connect your Galaxy Buds 2 Pro to your MacBook, first, open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Start.

Then, place the case next to your laptop and long-press both touch panels until you see them appear in the list of available devices. A few seconds later, you’ll be able to use your earbuds with your Mac.

5. Click Connect How to Connect Buds 2 Pro with Macbook Pro Laptop:

Samsung Galaxy Buds are Bluetooth earphones that are compatible with most computers and laptops.

The connection process is simple and can be done on either a Windows or Mac computer. Before you start the process, make sure your earphones are charged and ready to use.

Open the case and press and hold the touchpads until a blue light appears on both earbuds and a few beeps are heard.

Once the earbuds are in pairing mode, they will show up in your system preferences as a new device. Click Connect to finish the process. If the earbuds aren’t connecting to your laptop, it may be due to outdated software. Try running the latest software updates on your Mac and Galaxy Buds to fix the problem.


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