How to Connect Buds and Microphones

When headphones are connected to a phone, the audio input is automatically diverted to the headphone microphone. This includes phone calls and voice-search via Siri.

Inside each earbud is a transmitter, receiver, and microphone. The primary earbud also has the most complex internal structure.

There are two ways to connect the Galaxy Buds and Microphones to your computer: through the Galaxy Wearable app or manually.

1. Turn on the Buds How to Connect Buds and Microphones:

With Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds, you can control media playback, adjust volume, and switch between ambient sound mode and noise-canceling. They also have a touch controls and support voice activation for hands-free calling.

To start using the Galaxy Buds, first make sure that they are paired with your phone. You can do this by opening the Bluetooth settings on your phone and choosing your earbuds from the list of devices.

If you are having trouble hearing other people during calls, try turning on the Galaxy Buds’ built-in microphone. To do this, press and hold both touch sensors for about three seconds. You’ll hear a slow beep to confirm that the buds are in pairing mode.

2. Press the button on the right earbud:

Once the Buds are paired with your device, you can play songs, answer calls and use Hands-Free Voice Control. You can also connect to another user with our new Share Audio feature.

To connect, press the button on the right earbud and hold it for 1 second. You’ll hear an ascending tone and instant playback through your Spotify APP.

You can also press the button on both earbuds quickly to skip ahead or back a song. The touch sensor on the left earbud is used to answer an incoming call and the one on the right earbud is for ending a call. A blue indicator light will flash when the buds are connected to a microphone.

3. Push the button on the left earbud:

To connect your earbuds to the microphone on your computer, plug them into your computer’s audio input or line-in jack.

The earbuds will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode and display a red/blue flashing indicator when they are ready to pair.

The earbuds will then appear in your sound settings as “line in” or headphones. Follow the prompts to connect and configure your computer settings to use your earbuds as a mic and headphones.

4. Press the button on the charging case:

If you are having trouble with your earbuds not connecting to your device, there could be an issue with the microphone in the charging case. This is easy to fix by brushing the mic with an anti-static brush to remove any lint.

When you open the lid of your charging case, LED’s in both earbuds will turn on and you will hear the power ON tone and battery capacity voice prompt. The earbuds will then enter Pairing Mode and be discoverable on your Bluetooth device.

Connecting to your Buds is simple. Open your Bluetooth settings and select PUSH ACTIVE from the available devices list. Once you connect, the voice prompt will say “Connected”.

5. Press the button on the charging case:

If you want to use your earbuds with only one ear, you can easily switch between Stereo and Solo Mode. Just remove one earbud from the charging case, listen to an ascending tone, and stream music and hands-free voice commands.

Before you can pair your earbuds, you must press the button on the charging case. This will power on your earbuds and connect them to the microphone.

Once your earbuds are paired, you can listen to music, answer calls, and control media playback without touching your device. If you want to remap media controls, download the Beats app. The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

6. How to Connect Buds and Microphones Press the button on the right earbud:

If one of the earbuds is not working, try charging it and placing it back into its case. You can also connect it to your device’s microphone to use it as a headset.

We regularly release firmware updates in the Skull-iQ App that improve performance, hands-free voice controls and add new features to your earbuds. Check often to see if you have an update available.

You can easily share audio with another PUSH ACTIVE user through our Audio Share feature. Just press and hold the button on the right earbud for 3 seconds to initiate an Audio Share session. Both users will need to be connected in Stereo Mode and within Bluetooth range for the connection to work.


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