How To Connect Hotspot To TV Without WiFi Samsung

How To Connect Hotspot To TV Without WiFi Samsung?

How To Connect Hotspot To TV Without WiFi Samsung? Screen mirroring is a wireless technology that allows you to display your phone’s screen on a compatible TV. This method will work even if your mobile hotspot doesn’t have a WiFi connection.

Keep in mind, however, that this method will use up a significant amount of your mobile hotspot’s data. So, be sure to test it before using it regularly.

Connect Your Phone to Your TV:

A smart TV can have a built-in screencast feature that allows you to mirror your phone’s screen on the TV. This feature is used to share videos, presentations, and other content on the TV without the need for a Wi-Fi connection. If your TV doesn’t have a screencast feature, you can use an external device like a Chromecast or AirPlay.

To connect your phone to your TV, create a mobile hotspot on your Android or iOS phone. Make sure to turn on the hotspot feature and set a password. Make a note of the hotspot password, as you will need it later on. Connect your phone to the hotspot using a Wi-Fi connection. Once you’re connected, open the quick settings panel (Swipe down on your phone’s home screen) and tap Smart View. If prompted to enter a PIN or allow access, follow the prompts.

Once your phone is connected to the TV, a mirroring control should appear on your phone’s screen. You can then use your phone’s screen to play a video on the TV, change its orientation, or take a selfie video. You can also pause Smart View, darken the screen, or disconnect your phone from the TV. However, this method uses a lot of data on your phone and does not work with services that require a subscription, such as Netflix or YouTube.

Create a Mobile Hotspot:

Many modern smartphones include a mobile hotspot feature that can connect your laptop, tablet, or smart TV to the Internet without using up your device’s data plan. In a few easy steps, your phone acts as a Wi-Fi router to share its 4G or 5G cellular connection with another device that you’ve connected using the hotspot’s password.

To enable your device’s mobile hotspot, tap Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot & Tethering. On Android phones, the mobile hotspot feature might be labeled “Mobile Hotspot” or “Personal Hotspot.” Toggle the Mobile Hotspot switch on to activate it. Then, if necessary, select the Wi-Fi Hotspot option to configure the network’s name, security type, and password. You should also make a note of the mobile hotspot’s password for later use since you will need it when connecting devices to it.

If your TV doesn’t have support for Miracast or AirDrop, you can still mirror your phone to it via a mobile hotspot. You’ll need two devices — one to create the hotspot, and the other to connect to it and screencast.


This method uses your mobile data rather than your home Wi-Fi, so it’s not as fast, but it works in a pinch when you need to get something done. Shop for a new smartphone or tablet with Verizon, the network America relies on.

Enable Screen Mirroring:

Using screen mirroring or casting on your Samsung phone can be a convenient way to watch movies, play games, and more. However, it can be inconvenient when you don’t have WiFi or when the TV isn’t compatible with a service like Chromecast or AirDrop. Fortunately, there are ways to enable screen mirroring on your Samsung phone even without WiFi or the TV having a service like this.

You can use the mobile Hotspot feature on your Android device to connect with the TV wirelessly for a quick and simple solution. When you enable the Hotspot, it creates a temporary WiFi network that you can use to connect with the TV for screen mirroring.

On the phone, open the settings app and tap on “Screen Mirroring.” Slide it to the “On” position and select your TV’s name. If you have more than one TV connected, you can select the desired one from the list.

Depending on the phone, you may need to go through a few setup screens or follow other instructions. Once the connection is successful, you can begin enjoying your content on the big screen. If you are using Samsung DeX, you can also attach a keyboard and mouse to your phone to turn it into a desktop setup. This has many benefits over standard mirroring and can give you a more complete desktop experience.

Use a USB-C to HDMI Cable:

One of the best ways to connect your phone to your TV without WiFi Samsung is by using a USB-C to HDMI cable. This method works with most smartphones and TVs. However, it may not be ideal for streaming copyrighted content. To use this method, you’ll need a compatible phone with a USB-C port and support for screen mirroring. Additionally, you’ll need to enable USB debugging on your phone and connect it to a power source.

Once you’ve done this, connect the USB-C end of the cable to your phone’s USB-C port. Then, connect the HDMI end of the cable to an available HDMI port on your TV or monitor. Finally, use your TV’s remote control or on-screen menu to set the TV to the correct input source.

Whether you’re looking to share photos or watch a video, having a way to connect your phone to a TV can be useful for many different situations. This article has outlined several methods you can use to do so, including using a mobile hotspot and HDMI cable. With a little bit of work, you can enjoy all the benefits of your smartphone on your TV. Good luck!

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