How To Connect My Roku TV To My Phone

How To Connect My Roku TV To My Phone?

How To Connect My Roku TV To My Phone? A Roku TV provides access to many popular streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. They also offer a wide range of channels including sports and local news.

A Roku TV has HDMI inputs that can be used to connect devices such as Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray players, cable or satellite boxes, and game consoles. They can also be connected to an antenna for over-the-air TV broadcasts.

Features Of Connect My Roku TV To My Phone

  • Whether you want to stream content from your mobile phone or use Roku’s screen mirroring feature, it’s easy to do. If you have a Roku streaming player or Roku TV, you can easily connect your mobile phone to the device using your home Wi-Fi network. There are some limitations to this method, but it’s a good option if you need to watch TV or listen to audio in another room.
  • To start, find an open HDMI port on your TV and plug in your Roku device. You may need to use a special cable, depending on the type of Roku device you have. Some models, like the Roku Streaming Stick 4K, have a power adapter that includes a long-range Wi-Fi receiver.
  • If you have an iOS device, go to Settings on your mobile device and select “AirPlay.” Select Roku from the list of available devices. A request will appear on your device asking if you want to allow screen mirroring. Select OK and follow the prompts.
  • Once you’ve connected your phone to Roku, you can play back video and music content from your phone and control the Roku with its Remote. You can also watch live TV and recorded shows, as well as use the voice search feature to quickly locate programs.
  • You can also use the Roku app to connect your Bluetooth headphones or speaker to your Roku device. The app displays a button on your mobile device that behaves like the buttons on the Roku remote. You can also configure the app to display a different remote layout.

How to Connect?

If you’re using an Android device that supports screen mirroring, it’s easy to connect your Roku TV to it. The easiest way to do this is by using the Roku app. It’s available in the Google Play Store and provides a list of all Roku TVs/devices connected to your home network. To use the app, you need to ensure that your phone has a mobile hotspot enabled and is running Android version 4.4.2 or later. You can check the current software version of your phone by going to Settings > System > About.

Once the app detects a Roku TV or device, you can select it from the list and begin casting content. You can also select a service such as Spotify to stream music to your Roku TV. In addition, you can access contents stored on external storage devices such as USB sticks and SD cards.

Some Roku streaming devices include an in-built Bluetooth audio receiver. This enables you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. When you start playing audio, the Roku Bluetooth app will automatically appear and display your device connection details. A status indicator will also appear on the Roku screen showing your Bluetooth signal strength and internet download speed (if applicable). You can connect up to 5 devices at a time.


Whether you are enjoying a late-night movie marathon or jamming out to your favorite tunes, Roku’s wireless audio capability makes it easy to lose yourself. All you need is a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earbuds and the Roku app on your phone. Once the devices are paired, you can stream Roku TV content using your phone as a remote and use voice search and control.


If the Roku app cannot connect to your Roku TV, verify that both the phone and the Roku device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that the phone is not on mobile data or subject to AP isolation rules (also known as cellular isolation). If the problem persists, you may need to change to another Wi-Fi network.

You can also connect a pair of wired headphones to your Roku device using the headphone jack located on the opposite side of the remote’s volume buttons. The headphone jack supports stereo and mono output. The Roku app allows you to connect up to two Bluetooth devices, so if you have multiple Roku devices, you can stream from different sources at the same time.

Android 4 and higher devices support screen mirroring to Roku using built-in Miracast technology. To start mirroring, swipe down on your Android device and tap the settings icon. Then, select the Roku option from the list of devices available on your smartphone.


If you lose your Roku remote or need to connect to a different Wi-Fi network, you can still use your phone as a virtual remote. You need to have a phone that supports Wi-Fi mirroring, and the Roku app installed on it. If you don’t have a phone that supports Wi-Fi, you can also use a computer with the Remoku browser extension to control your Roku.

Once your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your Roku, open the Roku app and select your new network. The Roku app will then find your Roku and connect to it. After a few seconds, your Roku will display that it’s connected to the new network.

You can connect your Roku to your Phone using a screen mirroring feature. You’ll need to have a smartphone or tablet with the latest version of Android that supports screen mirroring. Almost all Android phones launched since 2013 support it. You can also try using a Miracast-enabled Windows PC with an HDMI cable.

When you first set up your Roku TV or stick, you’ll be prompted to choose Wired or Wireless for connection to your router and the internet. If you choose Wired, you’ll need to plug the device into your home network via an Ethernet cable. If you choose Wireless, your device will scan for a wireless signal and show you a list of available networks. Choose your network, enter your WiFi password, and tap Connect.

Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring allows you to display what’s on one screen of your mobile device – like your phone, tablet, or computer – onto another screen. It works great for playing games, watching movies or TV shows and it makes reading small text a lot easier. Screen mirroring is a wireless process that requires two components: the screen-sending device and the screen-receiving device. Different devices use different screen mirroring technologies. For example, Apple uses AirPlay and Android phones can mirror using a technology called Smart View.

If your Roku TV and device are compatible with each other, you can initiate a screen mirroring connection by tapping the cast icon in a compatible app (such as Netflix on iOS) or on your Roku remote. A pop-up window will appear on the Roku TV or device asking for permission to connect. You can choose to accept the request for the current session or Always allow it if you plan to use screen mirroring routinely.

Before starting, ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that you have a stable and high-speed Internet connection. Also, close any unnecessary apps or processes running on the source device to minimize signal lag and enhance performance. You can also try restarting both devices, disconnecting and reconnecting them, or selecting a different WiFi network.


 If you are having trouble connecting your mobile phone to Roku, verify that both your device and the Roku app are using Wi-Fi and that the devices are on the same network. It is also possible that your router has AP isolation rules in place that are preventing the discovery of the Roku.

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