How to Connect PS3 controller to PC Windows 10

How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC With Windows 10:

If you want to connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your PC, you will need to download the Windows ScpToolkit application. This will help you pair the controller with your computer over Bluetooth.

First, make sure your Bluetooth dongle is turned on and your Bluetooth driver is installed. If your controller does not recognize your PC, reboot your computer or try pairing it with another app.

Configure DualShock 3 How to Connect PS3 controller to PC Windows 10:

The first step to configuring your PlayStation 3 controller to work with your PC is to make sure you have the correct drivers. This will allow you to connect the controller to your PC and play your games.

To do this, open the Control Panel and select the “Update and Security” option. Then, click “Restart Now.” You should now see a reboot window. If the problem still persists, you can click “Advanced startup” in order to force the installation of the required drivers.

Then, restart Windows and follow the instructions on the screen. Once you have completed the steps, your PS3 controller should be recognized by Windows and ready to play.

You can also use the same method to connect your PS3 controller to your PC. To configure your controller to work with PC Windows 10, click on “Bluetooth and Other Devices”. You can also select “Configure this device” in the “Game Controller Settings” window.

Install How to Connect PS3 controller to PC Windows 10:

If you’ve got a non-wired PS3 controller, you can now use it on your PC. To install the driver, you’ll need to use the SCP Toolkit.

This should take only a few minutes on a compatible PC. Once the driver installation is complete, you’ll hear a confirmation sound.

Once the driver installation is complete, you can plug in your DualShock 3. In the “SCP Toolkit” log, locate the “Dualshock 3” USB Driver. Double-click the USB driver to activate it. You should then see a Windows 10 icon.

The next step is to install the SCP Toolkit for the PS3 controller on PC Windows 10. The ScpToolkit app will detect the controller and automatically launch the driver. Make sure to disable driver signature enforcement in Windows 10.

Check if the controller is working properly:

If you’ve ever had trouble with your PS3 controller, it’s important to check whether it’s charging properly. Often, the controller’s batteries can become unresponsive, but by swapping them out, you can get them working again.

The controller’s battery is located inside the charging compartment. If it’s not charging, you can remove the five screws that hold the battery in place and check if the device’s buttons are working properly.

First, find the green ribbon that’s on the front of the controller. This ribbon is located above the left analog stick. You can unscrew it using a flat-head screwdriver. Be careful not to damage it by pulling it out too far. Then, lift the ribbon over the plastic pins.

Make sure not to push the black foam down onto the ribbon because it can compress the ribbon’s connectors and prevent them from making contact with the motherboard.

Customize controls with reWASD:

The reWASD mod is a powerful tool to customize PS3 controller controls. It lets you change the deadline (the area that is not touched when you do not press the buttons) and make the analog controls more sensitive. There are several options for customizing the deadzone, so you can have your controller respond as you want it to.

Besides its powerful customization capabilities, the reWASD application comes with a variety of features, including Touchpad emulation and hardware (gamepad) mapping.

With these features, you can customize the native controller layout, behavior, and controls in the game. The program also lets you customize the mouse’s properties.

Check battery level with SCP DS driver:

The SCP DS driver allows you to connect your DualShock controller to your computer wirelessly. To use this driver, you must have the appropriate drivers installed on your PC. You can find these drivers on the internet.

You can download the SCP DS driver by using Winrar, 7-zip, or Winzip. After downloading the driver, you should extract it to a C drive and then open it in a command prompt. Then, check the checkboxes for Configure Service and Bluetooth.

Using the SCP monitor, you can check the battery level of the PS3 controller. This driver will also detect your DualShock and Xbox 360 controllers. To see the PS3 controller’s calibration settings, right-click on the device.


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