How To Connect Wired Headphones To TV

How To Connect Wired Headphones To TV?

How To Connect Wired Headphones To TV? Depending on the type of headphones you have and your TV’s ports, there are many different ways to connect them. The most common option is Bluetooth connectivity. Check your TV’s settings menu for a Bluetooth option; it will usually be under System or General.

Older TVs may have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. This will work with most headphones, but if you need to sit further away from the TV, an extension lead can help.


If your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity, then connecting a pair of wireless headphones to it will be simple. You should be able to find the option within your TV’s settings menu, or in its accessories list. You can also look for the Bluetooth option in a manual that came with your TV, or Google some technical guidelines for your specific model of television.

Alternatively, you can use to connect your headphones to the TV using an optical cable. These devices can be bought for around PS10/$10 and convert the optical output from the TV into a standard headphone jack. Plug one end of the optical cable into the Optical OUT port on your TV and the other into the Optical IN port on the converter. Once you’ve done this, plug your headphones into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the transmitter.

A Bluetooth audio transmitter can be plugged into the TV’s RCA or 3.5mm audio outputs and used to transmit a signal that can be connected to your headphones. Some models are designed to work with low latency codecs like Bluetooth aptX, which should allow you to listen without delay to what’s being shown on screen. This can be particularly useful if you want to watch a movie or a TV show while the rest of the household sleeps, or if you’re gaming and don’t want to disturb others.


A pair of headphones is a great way to enjoy TV, movies or music without disturbing others. They are particularly useful if you want to watch or play video games at full volume late at night or if you have thin walls in your apartment or house. Headphones also help you to concentrate on work or other activities, and they can cancel out distractions and noises around you.

Some media streaming devices, such as the Apple TV 4K and Amazon Fire TV Cube, have Bluetooth , so you can just plug in a pair of wireless headphones to enjoy your content. To use this feature, make sure the headphones are in pairing mode and follow the instructions onscreen in your device’s Bluetooth settings.

You can also connect RCA headphones to a TV that has a headphone jack. To do this, connect one end of a 6-foot stereo 3.5 mm Y-RCA adapter cable to the left and right RCA audio output jacks on your device (such as a DVD player). Connect the other end of the cable to the headphone jack on your TV.

The best way to connect headphones to a TV depends on what you want to do and what equipment you have available.


If you just need to listen to TV or video games, a pair of simple wired headphones will do the trick. If you want to avoid latency and lag, though, you may need to buy a pair of headphones that are designed for gaming.


If you want to listen to TV without disturbing your partner or the neighbors, headphones can make it possible. You can connect a pair of wireless headphones to your TV through the headphone jack, or you can use a Bluetooth transmitter. However, lag can be an issue with Bluetooth connections, so you might have to deal with some audio delay. the 3.5mm output of your TV.

If you’re using a set-top box like an Amazon Fire TV stick or Roku, it’s likely that the device has built-in Bluetooth connectivity, and connecting headphones through this method is as simple as putting them in pairing mode and following the TV’s instructions. You can also try a Bluetooth audio transmitter, which is an affordable middleman that plugs into your TV’s RCA, 3.5mm headphone TOSLINK ports and broadcasts the signal as a wireless Bluetooth connection. However, audio latency can be an issue with Bluetooth transmitters, so be sure to test them carefully before purchasing.

Extension lead:

In a pinch, you could use an extension lead to get your wired headphones closer to the TV. You’ll need a flex connector and a length of flex that matches the area of your existing cable (either 0.75mm2 or 1mm2). It’s important that you buy a power cord to avoid damage from electrical shock.

Newer TVs usually drop the analog output in favor of a digital optical out, which looks like a small square-shaped port outlined in red and fitted with a rubber cap. To connect headphones to this output, you’ll need a digital-to-analog converter which will also convert the audio output to the format needed for playback in your headphones.

Some older TVs still have a headphones jack with either one or two 3.5mm ports. Plug the pink 3.5mm connector into the pink port and the green 3.5mm connector into the green port. The soundboard will now recognize your headset and provide stereo audio to the speakers and a microphone signal to your gaming headset.

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