How To Connect Soundcore Earbuds

How to Connect Soundcore Earbuds?

How To Connect Soundcore Earbuds? Next, open the Bluetooth settings on your device and make sure it is turned on. Then wait for your device to scan and discover the earbuds.

When the earbuds are discovered, they will automatically enter pairing mode. This is indicated by the LED indicator flashing white twice every 3 seconds.

Turn on Bluetooth:

To use your Soundcore Earbuds with any device, you must first turn on Bluetooth. This ensures that your earbuds can communicate with your device, which is necessary for high-quality audio playback and call functionality. To turn on Bluetooth, open your device’s settings menu and find the “Bluetooth” option. Turn it on, then wait for your device to scan for available Bluetooth devices. When the device finds the earbuds, select them to pair with them.

Once you have paired your earbuds with a device, they will remain connected to that device until you manually disconnect them. This is useful if you want to connect them to another device, such as your laptop. To do this, open the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for the earbuds in the list of available devices. Once you find the earbuds, select them to reconnect with them.

To connect your earbuds to a different device, make sure they are fully charged and in pairing mode. To enter pairing mode, open the charging case and take out the earbuds. The LED indicator on the charging case will flash white rapidly to indicate that the earbuds are in pairing mode. After a few seconds, the LED indicator will stop flashing and will turn off once the earbuds have been paired with a device.

Take out the earbuds from the charging case:

If you’re having trouble connecting your earbuds to a device, the first thing you’ll want to do is take them out of their charging case. The earbuds will automatically connect to the last Bluetooth device they’ve been paired with, so it’s important that you disconnect any existing pairing before trying to pair them again.

To do this, simply open the lid of the charging case and then remove the earbuds from it. Once you’ve done this, they’ll power on automatically and enter pairing mode. The LED indicator will flash or change colors to indicate this. You can also manually power on the earbuds by pressing their multifunction button for one second.

After you’ve done this, you should see a list of available devices on your device’s screen. Select “Soundcore” from the list, and your earbuds will be paired with your device.


After the earbuds are paired with your device, they’ll automatically connect to it whenever you turn them on. If you have multiple devices that you want to use with your earbuds, you can repair them by following the same steps above. Make sure you’re using the charger that came with your earbuds, as different chargers can cause irreversible electrical damage. If you don’t have the original charger, you can purchase a replacement for about $30. It’s a small price to pay for the convenience of wireless earbuds.

Press and hold the multi-function button:

Earbuds are an ideal choice for wireless listening and a great way to connect with friends and family. However, pairing them to a device can be tricky. The key is to ensure the earbuds are in pairing mode and that they’re close to your device. It’s also important to check that your device has Bluetooth enabled and that it isn’t paired with another device.

To put your earbuds into pairing mode, simply remove them from the charging case and press and hold the multi-function button on one of them. The LED will flash white rapidly and the earbuds will be in pairing mode. Once the earbuds have been in pairing mode for three seconds, you can take them out of the case and connect with your device.

The process varies depending on the earbud model, so it’s best to consult the user manual for more details. You can also download the Soundcore App, which will help you customize the UI and features for your earbuds, control music and calls, activate Siri, adjust EQ, switch ANC modes, and more.

If you’re having trouble connecting your earbuds, try restarting them and ensuring they’re in pairing mode. You can also contact Anker’s customer support for more help. You can find their phone number and email address on their website. The customer support team is available round the clock to answer your queries.

Check the LED lights:

Soundcore earbuds have a long battery life and are great for listening to music or taking calls. They are also easy to set up and connect. Before connecting, make sure that the earbuds are charged and powered on. The LED light on the charging case will flash twice when they are ready to pair with a device. Next, turn on Bluetooth on your device and search for devices. Once the earbuds show up, select them and click on Pair.

The process of enabling pairing mode differs from earbud to earbud. Some earbuds will automatically enter pairing mode when they are turned on, and others require a manual enablement of the earbuds’ pairing mode. The easiest way to do this is to press the button on the charging case for three seconds while it’s open. The LED indicators will flash white to indicate that the earbuds are in pairing mode.

If you are having trouble pairing your earbuds with your device, there are a few possible reasons why this may be occurring. The first possibility is that your earbuds are out of range. This can be caused by obstacles or other devices that are in between the earbuds and your device. Try moving the earbuds closer to your device and retrying the process. If you are still having trouble, contact Anker customer support for assistance.

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