How to connect the WiFi extender to the router with an ethernet cable

How to Connect the WiFi Extender to the Router With an Ethernet Cable:

In order to connect a WiFi extender to a router, you’ll need an Ethernet cable. You probably got this cable with the extender when you bought it.

If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port, you can connect it to the default Wi-Fi network – usually WIFI_EXTENDER – instead. You can also follow the directions that came with the extender, which will usually include a password.

TP-Link extender How to connect the WiFi extender to the router with an ethernet cable:

Once you have set up your TP-Link extender, you must connect it to your router. The internet port on your router is usually blue or grey.

The Ethernet port is usually yellow. After connecting the extender, reboot it and test its connection through the ethernet cable.

Some extenders do not have an output Ethernet port. If so, you must connect it to your router using the ethernet cable. This is required for a stable connection. You may want to consider buying a Wi-Fi extender that has an Ethernet port.

Ethernet cable is a popular way to connect to the internet. Compared to Wi-Fi, Ethernet offers higher speeds. An Ethernet cable allows your devices to send data to each other instantly, especially if the connection is fiber-optic.

After connecting the extender to the router, you can customize the network settings on the extender. The screen allows you to configure the network and make changes.

If you are successful, you will notice solid led lights on the extender. Then, place it within 30 to 35 meters of your main wireless router.

Once you’ve plugged the Ethernet cable into your TP-Link extender, make sure that it is connected to the same network as the router. If the router is a modem and router combo, the extender will connect to the modem and the other devices. If you’re using a separate router, you should connect the extender to the router via a separate router.


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