How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Xbox One Without Adapter

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Xbox One Without Adapter?

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Xbox One Without Adapter? Whether you’re diving into the virtual world of Fortnite or exploring captivating storylines on Assassin’s Creed, high-quality audio is essential. Unfortunately, the Xbox One does not natively support Bluetooth headphones.

Thankfully, some workarounds and accessories can make your wireless headset compatible with the console. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Some premium headphones will connect natively to the Xbox without the need for a Bluetooth dongle. Making them more convenient to use. However, this feature is only available for headsets that Microsoft deems compatible with the console.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Xbox One Without Adapter?

Bluetooth technology is a convenient way to eliminate cords from the gaming experience. But it’s not supported by the Xbox Series X and S consoles. Instead, the hardware uses a proprietary wireless audio protocol to connect with audio devices. Fortunately, there are ways around this limitation with a little ingenuity and third-party accessories.

To start, make sure your headsets support Bluetooth connectivity and that they are charged. Then, enable the headsets’ pairing mode. This is usually done by pressing the pair button or following the headset’s user manual.

Next, connect the transmitter to the controller using its 3.5mm port or an adapter if necessary. Some transmitters, like the Friencity Bluetooth Transmitter. Even acts as a receiver to stream audio from other devices, such as your TV and smartphone, in addition to the Xbox.

Finally, turn on the headsets and the console and start playing! If you encounter issues with the connection, restart both your controller and your headphones. This is often enough to resolve temporary connectivity problems. If the problem persists, consult your headphones’ user manual or contact the manufacturer for additional troubleshooting help.

Audio Jack Converter:

Although the Xbox One is one of today’s most popular gaming consoles, it doesn’t have built-in support for Bluetooth headphones. Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily an issue; with the right hardware and some ingenuity, you can still connect wireless headsets to your device.

The first thing you’ll need is a set of headphones that are compatible with Bluetooth. This can be a pair that connects through the headphone jack on your controller, or it can be an external pair such as AirPods. You’ll also need a Bluetooth transmitter that can connect to your 3.5mm port (or the digital optical audio out port on some newer Xbox One models).

Most Bluetooth transmitters will have a 3.5mm port for connecting standard headphones and many of them will have a digital optical out connection for connecting to a TV. Plug the transmitter into the 3.5mm port on your Xbox controller, and then pair your headphones to it. The exact process varies from pair to pair, but it’s usually as simple as pressing the multifunction button on the headphones to initiate pairing mode and then following the instructions in the manual for your specific headset.


Once your headphones are paired to the Bluetooth transmitter, you can use them to listen to in-game audio and party chat without worrying about disturbing them. Others or waking up your housemates. You can even stream music from your computer or other devices to the headphones via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes in your gaming sessions.

Third-Party Transmitter:

Gaming on the Xbox Series X or S can be an immersive experience. Especially when you’re using a wireless headset with high-quality audio. However many Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are not compatible with Microsoft’s console. This is mostly because the Xbox uses a proprietary wireless protocol that is not compatible with standard Bluetooth protocols.

Fortunately, there is a workaround to make your incompatible headphones compatible with the Xbox console. All you need is a Bluetooth transmitter to act as a bridge between your incompatible headset and the console.

Once you have the transmitter, simply plug it into a USB port on your console and power it up. Then, follow the instructions in the user manual on how to pair it with your headphones. Once the headphones and the transmitter are paired. You can start playing your games with the audio from your controller being played in your headphones.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Xbox One Without Adapter?

Just like with the audio jack converter method. You should first ensure that your headphones are fully charged and updated to the latest firmware. Also, double-check that you’ve followed the instructions on how to pair them with your console. Finally, restart both your console and your headphones to troubleshoot any connectivity issues. If the problems persist, consult the headphone manufacturer for more support resources.


If you’re using Bluetooth headphones that support Xbox Wireless, you’ll be able to connect them directly to the console without needing a third-party transmitter. Bluetooth headsets are compatible with Xbox series controllers as well as the newer Xbox One models, thanks to a unique proprietary wireless technology from Microsoft called Xbox Wireless. It uses a different wireless frequency than standard Bluetooth technology (2.4GHz) and offers better audio quality.

To pair your headset with your Xbox, first make sure it’s charged and in the pairing mode. The exact steps vary by manufacturer, but you should generally press and hold the pairing button or a multifunction key on the headphones to enter this mode. Then, make sure the Bluetooth transmitter is plugged into your Xbox and turned on, and that both the headphones and the transmitter are within range. The two devices will begin establishing a connection and should display either an icon on the headphones or a solid green light, depending on your headset model.

If you don’t see any kind of indicator on your headset or the transmitter, there could be a problem with the connection. Try pressing the mute button to test whether it’s engaged or not; some headset have dedicated mute buttons, while others share this function with other controls. You can also try disconnecting the headset and re-plug it to verify that the wires are properly connected.

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