How to Connect Wireless Subwoofer to Soundbar

How to Connect Wireless Subwoofer to Soundbar:

If you’re wondering how to connect your wireless subwoofer to your soundbar, then this article is for you. It will cover the different methods that you can use.

These include Bluetooth, Wired, Infrared, and manual. Once you have a good understanding of all these methods, you can connect your wireless subwoofer to your soundbar easily.

Bluetooth How to Connect Wireless Subwoofer to Soundbar:

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that connects a source device to a receiver device. It is commonly used to transfer audio, but can also be used for other purposes, including text messaging.

Bluetooth uses a 48-bit address to identify devices. It also displays a user-friendly device name, such as a brand name or model number. Once paired, Bluetooth can be used to connect to other Bluetooth devices.

To activate the Bluetooth feature of a wireless subwoofer, simply plug it into the soundbar. The Bluetooth feature will automatically turn on.

On some models, you may need to hold the Mute button. When the subwoofer and soundbar are connected, the ID SET light on the subwoofer will continue to glow.

Infrared How to Connect Wireless Subwoofer to Soundbar:

Wireless subwoofers can be connected to your soundbar using infrared or Bluetooth technology. These two technologies have different advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the one that works best for your needs.

Bluetooth technology works well for most external subwoofers because it is less likely to be affected by interference. It is also better than infrared, which requires a direct line of sight.

Wireless subwoofers are a great option for media rooms because they are not restricted by a messy cable that needs to run throughout the room. The advantage of using a wireless subwoofer is that you can install it anywhere you like, as long as the soundbar is within the room.

Most wireless subwoofers also come with an amplifier and transmitter, so you can set up the subwoofer independently. You can also connect your soundbar to the subwoofer separately using various types of connections.

Wired How to Connect Wireless Subwoofer to Soundbar:

When putting in a wireless subwoofer, it is essential to connect it to the soundbar. This can be done in a couple of ways. You can either connect it automatically or manually.

The automatic connection will be easier to handle since it will happen almost instantly. Once you’ve connected the devices, you’ll see a blue LED light blinking and indicating that the connection is working.

If you’re unsure how to connect a wireless subwoofer to a soundbar, you’ll first want to check that the subwoofer is in the proper location. You can do this by pressing the ‘VOL -‘ or ‘power’ buttons at the same time.

If you don’t see any indications like this, it means that it’s not properly connected. Alternatively, you can press the power button on the soundbar to reset it. Once you’ve done this, you should restore the system to its default settings.


Manual for connecting a wireless subwoofer to a soundbar – LG Electronics Inc. Connecting the wireless subwoofer to the soundbar is easy, but not without some extra information.

To ensure the best audio quality, you should make sure that the cables are properly connected and that the sound bar is powered.

Before starting, you should read the instructions carefully. If you are unsure about something, you can always ask the retailer for help. A professional installer will have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Also, he/she will help you troubleshoot common soundbar problems. The manual will also explain how to use the Soundbar’s Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature.

The first step in connecting the wireless subwoofer to your soundbar is to connect the audio cable. Then, connect the subwoofer’s AC power to the soundbar.

Make sure to keep the subwoofer close to the soundbar. If the subwoofer has an indicator light that glows blue, it is connected. After that, the soundbar will turn on automatically.

Samsung soundbar:

To connect your wireless subwoofer to your Samsung soundbar, first, install the Samsung soundbar app. This app allows you to control your subwoofer without having a hardware remote. It also allows you to control your soundbar from a computer.

You can pair your subwoofer manually if you prefer. To pair your subwoofer to your soundbar manually, you must first connect the power cord of your subwoofer to the soundbar. After connecting your subwoofer to your soundbar, the LINK light on the subwoofer should blink blue.

If your wireless subwoofer is not working properly with your Samsung soundbar, it may be due to a malfunction or a problem with the soundbar.

In such cases, check the settings of your soundbar and subwoofer to ensure that they match. If the settings are wrong, you may need to reset your soundbar.


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