How To Connect Xbox Controller To Macbook

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Macbook?

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Macbook? Gaming on an Apple Mac may not be its hallmark activity, but VR and AR technologies are making gaming increasingly appealing. Luckily, there is a straightforward method of connecting an Xbox wireless controller.

Start by plugging your USB receiver into a free USB port on either your MacBook Pro or iMac and opening System Preferences – System Devices list to locate “Xbox 360 Controllers”.

Features Of Connect Xbox Controller To Macbook

  • Gaming may not usually be associated with Macs, but with Apple Arcade and more powerful processors in new MacBook Pros (2022), Mac desktop, or laptop models such as MacBook Air M3 2023) can become great gaming platforms. Although most people use a keyboard and mouse for gaming on a Mac, having access to an Xbox controller makes the experience all that much better!
  • If you want to use Xbox One or 360 wireless controllers with your Mac. A compatible USB receiver will be needed. Since older Xbox controllers lack Bluetooth capability, a wired connection via a micro-USB cable may be required instead. Simply plug your receiver into any available port on your Mac. And press its connect button – once its light stops blinking you should open System Preferences. Locate and click the ‘Xbox 360 Controllers’ icon that appears.
  • Note that all first-generation Xbox One controllers feature Bluetooth capability; however, not all models do. One way to tell whether yours does is by looking at how the plastic looks on it; those that include one piece that includes the Xbox logo will most likely be Bluetooth enabled.
  • Once you open System Preferences, you may be asked to allow an application signed by Drew Mills. If this occurs, select Allow as this process is essential for using an Xbox controller on a Mac computer.

Plug and Play

Gaming isn’t limited to consoles – you can also enjoy them on PC! But playing with a controller adds even more fun – if you want to connect an Xbox controller to a Mac computer, a few steps may be required for setup.

Assuming you own an Xbox controller that is compatible with Mac computers – for instance the wireless Series S or X controller or Elite Controller Series 2 – the next step should be connecting it via a USB cable to your computer and disabling “System Extension Blocked” message when prompted, as well as installing unofficial drivers if necessary.

After installing the drivers, launch System Preferences and locate an icon marked “Xbox Controllers” near the bottom of the menu. Simply click it to configure its buttons as per your wishes – and get ready for some fun gaming action!

Enhance your gaming experience further by optimizing your Mac’s performance. Use ToothFairy and AirBuddy for quick device connection via Bluetooth; NetSpot to optimize Wi-Fi network for gaming; CleanMyMac X to eliminate slowness and junk files. These apps will not only speed up Mac but save money through reduced energy usage allowing longer game playback on a single battery charge!


Xbox controllers work great with computers, but there’s one hiccup: To use them with Macs, a driver needs to be installed first. To do this, visit GitHub and download the 360Controller driver before running its installer to finish off the process. After rebooting your Mac and heading into System Preferences you will see an Xbox 360 Controllers icon which you can click to connect your controller.


Newer Xbox One controllers feature Bluetooth compatibility built-in, so a separate adapter may not be necessary. Older models don’t support this feature and require a USB-C to USB-A cable to connect. If your Xbox controller is an older model, consider purchasing an inexpensive adapter to make it compatible with Mac computers.

An Xbox controller on a Mac is a fun and rewarding way to enjoy playing games, from classic retro titles like Pac-Man and Mario Kart to modern VR pilot games such as Eve: Valkyrie. As with any Bluetooth device connected to your computer, using one while playing may interfere with game performance and may result in crashes or slowdowns; USB hubs should also be avoided because this can impede proper Bluetooth functionality.


If you own a Macbook without Bluetooth (models 1537, 1697. And 1698) that does not feature built-in support for Bluetooth connections (such as models 1537, 1697 or 1698) to connect a controller, a dongle or cable must be used to do this. Sony offers a wireless adapter designed to work with these MacBooks (albeit at an increased price tag), making your gaming experience much better overall.

To connect your controller, open System Preferences and click on the Bluetooth icon. When the device is detected, click Pair, which will cause its light to begin flashing. And appear under the List of Bluetooth Devices list. It is important to remember that only one controller can be connected at any one time.

If you’re searching for an easier way to connect your Xbox controller. There are a variety of third-party apps that may help. ToothFairy can create a shortcut for your controller in the menu bar while showing how much battery life remains. AirBuddy connects controllers instantly. NetSpot optimizes network performance for gaming – something important given how heavy games can be on computer resources.


Although Macs may not be known for gaming. That hasn’t stopped people from using keyboard and mouse to enjoy popular titles like Minecraft or Fortnite. If you’re tired of clicking arrow keys or using a spacebar to control characters onscreen. An Xbox controller might be an easier way to manage character movements. Just be sure you have an adaptor or cable handy to connect it to the computer first!

If your newer MacBook Pro or iMac features Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily wirelessly sync a controller using its built-in feature. First, ensure your controller is powered up and within range before opening System Preferences and clicking “Bluetooth.” In System Preferences click “Bluetooth”. Additionally. You may be asked to disconnect other devices such as mice or keyboards to prevent interference with the connection process.

If your Mac is older or doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity. The 360Controller driver works well with both Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers. To install it, head over to GitHub. Download its.dmg file before following its instructions to install it on your Mac computer.

ToothFairy is one of the best apps available for Mac that makes connecting a controller easier. It lets you record a hotkey for DualShock 4 controllers while showing their battery levels in the menu bar. AirBuddy and Joystick Mapper provide additional ways of managing all your game controllers at the click of a mouse button.


Mac computers may not traditionally be associated with gaming platforms; however. With Apple venturing into virtual and augmented reality gaming, it seems logical that traditional game controllers like an Xbox controller must also support it on this platform. While you can access some VR/AR games via trackpad and keyboard alone it’s much more enjoyable using one – and easily connected an Xbox controller to your computer!

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