WiFi not Working on phones but Working on other Devices

WiFi Not Working on Phone But Working on Other Devices? Here’s How to Fix It:

If you’re having WiFi problems on your phone, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

These include resetting the network settings or forgetting the network. This problem may be a hardware issue. Alternatively, it may be a software problem.

Reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network WiFi not Working on phones but Working on Other Devices:

If you’re experiencing internet connectivity issues, one of the easiest fixes is to simply reboot your Wi-Fi router. Your computer may have trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network if it has a bad IP address.

You can check whether your device is on the right network by running Wireless Diagnostics. You can also check your DNS settings. If none of these solutions seem to work, try resetting your Macbook’s PRAM or SMC. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to restart your Macbook.

Another way to fix your phone’s Wi-Fi connection is to disable applications that have access to the Wi-Fi. These applications may be affecting your connection and making it unstable.

To fix this problem, disable these apps temporarily and reconnect to your network. If your phone’s Wi-Fi connection is still unstable after rebooting, you might need to reboot it or disconnect the router from your network.

To re-enable Wi-Fi on your computer, open the Network icon on your taskbar. It should show a list of Wi-Fi networks detected on your computer.

Select the one that says “Connected, secured” below its name. Wait a few minutes before clicking OK. Once your computer recognizes the network, you can go back to connecting.

You can also try resetting your Wi-Fi modem. This method will reset your network’s settings, so you may need to reconfigure your devices.

Then, restart the modem and router, following the manufacturer’s instructions. After the restart, you should see the name of the network you’re connected to.

Resetting network settings WiFi not Working on phones but Working on Other Devices:

If your phone’s WiFi is not working, you can try to re-set the network settings. This will reset all Wi-Fi networks and passwords and will require you to type them in again.

However, you should know that this method may delete some of your data. In such a case, you should try to find a less-invasive way to fix the problem.

To do this, you need to access the Settings application on your phone. Open the Settings menu, go to General, and then select Software Update. After the update is complete, you should turn off Airplane Mode.

You can also restart your device by holding the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. To turn off your device, drag the slider to the power off position. You will then see the Apple logo.

If the problem persists, you can try resetting the network settings. This process is easy and straightforward.

After the network settings have been reset, you can try reconnecting to the network. Alternatively, you can also reset your phone by removing the network from your phone.

Resetting network settings is a safe operation and will not affect your personal data. All of your contacts will remain intact.

However, it can cause some inconveniences, such as the need to manually login to WiFi networks. Additionally, you may need to reconnect Bluetooth devices before you can use them again.

Forgetting the network:

When using WiFi on your phone, you might have trouble connecting to a network for one reason or another. To fix this issue, you can try forgetting the network. To do this, open the Settings app and tap Network & Internet.

Then, tap the gear icon to access the network settings. Tap the ‘Forget this network’ option. When you’re finished, you can connect to the same network again.

When using WiFi on your phone, it’s easy to forget the network. To do this, open the settings menu on your phone. In the Open Network and Sharing Center, go to the Wi-Fi icon. Then, go to the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the “Preferred Networks” section.

Select the network that you’d like to forget. Once you’ve done that, tap the minus sign to remove it from your phone. You’ll see a list of available networks.

If you’ve forgotten the network after saving it, you can easily erase it. On Android, open the Network section of your phone.

Tap the three-dot menu and then tap the “manage networks” option. You can also choose the “Forget this network” option to permanently remove the saved network from your phone’s memory.

Forgetting the network can also be an option when using WiFi on Android. Android devices will save the network it’s connected to, and you may not want to re-connect if you don’t want to be charged.

The same goes for networks that charge by the amount of data used. By deleting saved networks, you can ensure your device stays connected to the network of your choice.


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