How To Connect A Controller To A Switch

How To Connect A Controller To A Switch?

How To Connect A Controller To A Switch? The Switch comes with one pair of Joy-Cons, but you can easily connect other pairs. To do this, first, plug a USB-C adapter like this Mayflash Magic-NS or this 8Bitdo into the console’s USB ports (a male USB connector is needed to play in docked mode).

Next, install BetterJoy, an open-source program that reads DirectInput controllers as generic XInput devices. From here, you can customize every button and stick or select a community member’s preset configuration.

Getting Started:

The Nintendo Switch comes with its own Joy-Con controllers, but those aren’t the only type of gamepad that you can use on the system. The console also supports other wireless controllers, including the Xbox One’s DualShock, and third-party adapters such as the Mayflash Magic-NS and 8BitDo PowerA. These devices work with both Joy-Con and the Pro controllers, allowing you to play games on the system with friends who have their systems.

To pair a new controller with your Switch, plug the USB cable into its smaller, USB-C end, then connect it to the console’s dock (one of three ports; two are on the side, one is at the back in between the USB-C in and HDMI out port). Once it’s connected, the console should automatically detect and start searching for the device. Once it finds it, the lights on the controller will start flashing and it’ll be ready to go!

It’s worth noting that if you’re using the Switch Pro controller, you will need to open the Settings menu and enable ‘Use Nintendo Button Layout’ for your PC games to recognize it. This will change all of the button prompts in your games to match the layout on the Pro controller, making it easier to play them without having to manually remap the buttons.

Pairing a Joy-Con:

The Joy-Cons that come with the Switch is a great controller option for gaming, but the system also supports other wireless gamepads. Whether you’ve purchased an extra pair or just picked up one of the third-party options out there (we recommend 8BitDo and PowerA), getting it to work with your console isn’t difficult. It’s just a matter of knowing how to sync it.

If you want to use it as a single controller, press the shoulder buttons (labeled ‘ZL’ and ‘ZR’) on both sides at the same time. If you’re using a Pro Controller, you can also connect it to the Joy-Con cradle or a USB-C cable while the Switch is docked and it will be paired automatically.

You can also use a Joy-Con or Pro Controller Wirelessly by pressing the Sync button. This is the small black button on the flat side of the controller, located between the SL and SR buttons. Once pressed, select Controllers on the Home screen and then Change Grip/Order from the right column. The controller will start flashing and indicating it’s in pairing mode.


Now that you’ve got your controller connected, why not level up your gaming experience with the Playbite app? It’s a new way to play casual games and earn rewards, like Nintendo eShop Gift Cards.

Pairing a Pro Controller:

While each Switch comes with one pair of Joy-Cons, you can also buy extra sets to expand your gaming horizons. If you’ve purchased an additional pair and need to sync them with your console, first make sure the Switch is powered on. Then, use a USB-C cable to connect the controller to the dock, which pairs it with your system. Once it’s paired, you can disconnect the controller from the cable and use it wirelessly.

If you’re playing on a computer, the process is a bit more complicated. Since the Pro Controller is a DirectInput controller instead of an XInput controller like the Xbox Series X/S or the fancier Xbox Elite Core Controller, Windows may have trouble recognizing it. Fortunately, Valve has added full support to Steam for the Pro Controller, so most games should work fine with it. However, if you’re using non-Steam games, you may need to install an additional driver (like BetterJoy) to get everything working smoothly.

You can use the Pro Controller with a computer. If you want to play games in Big Picture Mode, which is accessible through Steam. However, it’s important to remember that the controller is only supported when it is connected via a USB cable. This means that you won’t be able to use the controller with a PC. Game that runs in wireless Big Picture mode. Such as those launched through a website.

Pairing a Dualshock:

While the Nintendo Switch Pro controller offers impressive haptic feedback and sweet motion controls. Some gamers prefer the larger size of a PS4 DualShock controller. Fortunately, the console supports third-party controllers with the help of a USB Bluetooth adapter. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to find online. A tried and true option is the $20 8Bitdo wireless adapter.

Unlike the Joy-Cons, which are synced to a particular Switch when attached. The DualShock can be linked to up to eight consoles simultaneously. To do so, attach the adapter to one of the USB ports on the dock and turn it on. Then, while the console is on and docked, open System Settings and select Controllers and Sensors. Next, press the Pairing button on the adapter.

Once the adapter has been paired, the player LED on the controller will remain lit. The number of connected controllers will be displayed on the screen. Players can change the order of the controllers by selecting “Change Grip/Order” from the menu.

Although the instructions here are geared toward using the official PS4 controller. And Magic-NS adapter, the same steps apply to Xbox One controllers and other USB Bluetooth receivers. Once a controller or Joy-Con is paired. It can be disconnected by pressing its SYNC button for at least a second.

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