How To Connect Apple CarPlay In Innova Crysta

How To Connect Apple CarPlay In Innova Crysta?

Bluetooth Connectivity:

How To Connect Apple CarPlay In Innova Crysta? If you have a smartphone with Bluetooth(r), you can use CarPlay to connect your phone to the Toyota infotainment system. This allows you to control music. make calls. and use certain apps while you’re driving. If you have trouble connecting, the problem might be with your phone. Try disabling and reenabling your Bluetooth(r) settings to reset the connection.

To begin using CarPlay, plug your iPhone into the USB port in your car (which may be labelled with a CarPlay icon or a smartphone icon). Then start your vehicle. If the phone displays a password prompt. enter a four-digit pin on both the phone and the infotainment screen to complete the pairing process.

After the pair is finished. your iPhone will display a list of apps that you can use with CarPlay. Apps are arranged by category and can be organised by tapping and dragging them to change their position in the list. The order of apps changes each time you connect your phone to CarPlay.

If you have a Siri-enabled iPhone. you can also use voice commands to control your CarPlay experience. When you’re ready to get going. press and hold the CarPlay dashboard or Home button on the infotainment system touchscreen. If you’re using an iPhone with iOS 15 or later. you can have Siri announce incoming messages while you drive.

USB Connectivity:

A USB port is an essential part of any infotainment system. It’s used to connect devices to the system. and it also allows you to charge your phone. It’s important to use a high-quality cable for the connection. A low-quality cable can damage your device and cause data loss.

Plug your iPhone into the car’s CarPlay USB port. which is labelled with a smartphone icon.

Thenmake sure that Siri is turned on and the CarPlay dashboard or home button is pressed. This will activate Siri and allow you to control CarPlay with your voice.

If you want to enable text message notifications on your infotainment system, tap “OK” or “skip.” After the phone has paired with the system, you’ll see a confirmation on the touch screen that the paring is complete.

You can change the order of apps that appear on the CarPlay display by tapping and dragging them. This will help you find the app you need quickly while you’re driving. It’s important to note that only the CarPlay-supported apps will appear on the display. Unsupported apps won’t be able to run in CarPlay and may affect the performance of your vehicle. This includes maps, music, podcasts, and audiobooks. You should only choose apps that you know you’ll need for your trip. In addition, you should avoid using apps that require access to your camera, contacts, or other personal information.

Wireless Connectivity:


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connect to your vehicle’s touchscreen infotainment system, allowing you to play music, follow turn-by-turn navigation, make calls, send messages, and more—without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Many systems also feature voice recognition, letting you control your phone-linked infotainment system with basic spoken commands.

The “speak to command” button alerts the vehicle display system that you’ll speak, silences other audio currently playing on your device, and lets you use Siri to play music, navigate to a specific location, search for service stations, make calls hands-free, read text messages, and more while driving. Calendar: Both Android Auto and CarPlay work with your calendar app to help you manage your schedule tasks. The car display system will read your remainder for the day and notify you when it’s time to leave for your next appointment.

To pair your iPhone with the infotainment system, select the “Setup” option on the car’s touchscreen and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your phone to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You may be asked to choose an administrator password on your phone. Once you have done this, a four-digit pin will be displayed on both the screen of your phone and your vehicle’s touch display. If the pins match, select “OK” to complete the connection.


Unlike Apple CarPlay, which requires a proprietary app for the vehicle’s infotainment system, Miracast can connect to almost any TV or projector with a wireless display receiver. The standard, ratified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, is native to many modern devices, and eliminates the need for a special cable or adapter. It also supports HD and 4K streaming, which makes it an attractive option for business and home use.

To set up a Miracast connection, start by opening the Settings app on your mobile device. Then, select the Display option and toggle Wireless display to ON. Then, your device will scan for nearby Miracast receivers. Once the search is complete, your device will show a list of available adapters. Choose one and tap it to connect. Once the device is paired, you will receive a PIN code on the TV or projector’s touch screen.

Once the pairing process is complete, you can use the touch screen to control CarPlay apps and view text message notifications on your phone. You can also adjust the order in which apps appear on your display by dragging and dropping them. Lastly, you can use the touch screen to turn on your CarPlay microphone and use your voice to control the app.

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