How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 Dell

With the exception of a wired controller, there are several ways to connect your PS4 controller to your PC. The most convenient option is using the DS4Windows software.

This is a third-party application that makes your controller compatible with Windows. It requires the installation of a USB wireless adapter.

Alternatively, you can use the DualShock 4’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities. To do this, make the controller discoverable by pressing the PlayStation and Share buttons simultaneously.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 Dell:

Many gamers use a mix of console and PC games, and it’s common to have a DualShock 4 (DS4) controller lying around.

While connecting the controller to a PC was once a bit of a nightmare, it’s now fairly easy thanks to better software integration.

To connect the controller wirelessly via Bluetooth, you’ll need to put it into pairing mode. This is done by pressing the PS button and the Share button simultaneously until the light bar starts flashing.

Then, open the Bluetooth settings on your computer and add a new device. You may be prompted to enter a pairing code; if so, type in 0000.

Another option is to connect the controller wired using a micro-USB cable. This requires a little more work, but it’s still relatively straightforward.

The first step is to download DS4 Windows software, which will trick your PC into thinking the connected controller is an Xbox 360 controller (as these are supported by default in Windows). You’ll also need a file archiver program for Windows like WinRAR to extract the downloaded DS4Windows zip file.

How to Reconnect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 Dell:

InputMapper is a useful tool for connecting DualShock 4 controllers to Windows PCs. The software allows users to customize settings and configure macros.

It also provides options to control the color of the controller’s light bar and to change its power state. InputMapper is not plug-and-play and requires a little work to get it working properly. First, make sure you have the newest version of Microsoft.

NET installed and that you have the Xbox 360 controller driver if you’re using an older version of Windows. Once you have the newest version of DS4Windows installed, download the latest InputMapper and install it.

The PS4 can be connected to a PC wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired using a micro USB cable. To connect the controller to Bluetooth, press and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons until the light bar flashes.

Then, follow the on-screen instructions to pair the device. Once paired, Windows will remember the connection going forward.

Reset Network Settings:

Attempting to connect a PS4 controller to your Dell PC over Bluetooth can be frustrating when the device doesn’t appear in the system settings. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting techniques you can try to fix this issue.

One simple solution is to reboot your computer. This can often solve issues that have not been resolved by other methods.

Another option is to temporarily disable metered connections. This will stop Windows from calculating data usage on your network and may allow the connection to work.

To do so, press Win + I to launch the Settings app and select Bluetooth & devices from the left sidebar. Select the device that isn’t connecting and click the vertical ellipsis.

The device will then ask you to reconnect. You can then reconnect your controller and start gaming.

You can also try using a different USB port on your computer to see if that fixes the problem. If this doesn’t work, it might be time to contact customer support.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 Dell Troubleshooting:

If the controller isn’t connecting to your PC, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure the USB cable is working properly (that it can power the controller and maintain a data connection). Try using another cable and resyncing the controller to see if that fixes the issue.

If you’re still having trouble, you can try removing and re-adding the device in Windows. This will reset the device’s knowledge of the controller and should fix the problem.

You can also try re-enabling metered connections on your network. You can do this by pressing Win + I to open the settings app and then selecting Bluetooth & devices.

If all else fails, you can use a third-party software solution like InputMapper to connect your DualShock controller to your PC.

This application allows you to map keystrokes to the controller’s trackpad, enabling you to play PC games with your DualShock 4. It also lets you customize your LED light bar and configure macros.


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