How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 64 Bit

PlayStation How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 64 Bit are Bluetooth-enabled and can be synced with the console wirelessly. They can also be connected to a computer for gaming.

The best way to connect a PlayStation 4 controller to a PC is to use a free program called Input Mapper. This software allows you to create profiles that retain different settings for each game.

1. Turn on Bluetooth:

The first step is to make sure that your computer supports Bluetooth. You can check this by using the search function in Windows or opening the Action Center.

If your computer is Bluetooth compatible, you should see a light next to the icon in the Action Center or in Settings.

Then, you can try to connect the controller by searching for it in your PC’s settings. You can also try to put the controller into pairing mode.

To do this, press the “PlayStation” and “Share” buttons simultaneously until the light bar on the controller begins flashing.

If the above solutions don’t work, you can try to download and update your Bluetooth driver. However, you should be aware that this can cause issues with your PC.

To prevent this, you should back up your system drivers before performing the update. Moreover, you should try to use a driver update tool that is safe and trusted by the majority of users.

2. How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 64 Bit Turn on the controller:

If you’re using a PC with Bluetooth functionality, you can connect your controller wirelessly. To do so, press the PS button and the Share button simultaneously until the backlight starts flashing.

If you’re using a USB Bluetooth adapter, the adapter will need to be connected to your PC before the controller can be paired.

After you have paired the controller, Windows will remember it. You can then use it with games on your PC that support Xbox controllers. However, you may encounter audio issues when playing games.

If this happens, try applying one of the fixes mentioned below. It can be caused by outdated computer drivers or Bluetooth signal interference.

Fortunately, these problems are easy to fix. Just follow the steps below to get your controller working again.

3. Turn on the PC:

While Microsoft’s Xbox controllers are generally better for PC gaming, you can use your own PlayStation 4 controller with the help of a free program.

To get started, plug the controller into your PC via a USB-to-micro-USB cable and enable Bluetooth on the computer.

Once the controller is connected, open DS4Windows to pair the device. Once DS4Windows is open, you can customize key binds and LED settings, as well as check your battery level.

You can also connect your controller wirelessly using the official Sony DualShock 4 USB wireless adapter. This is the best option for most users, although it’s expensive and hard to find. It’s worth it for the out-of-the-box functionality, though.

Alternatively, you can buy a third-party adapter that supports Xbox 360 controllers. This is cheaper but doesn’t support as many games.

For this method, you’ll need a computer with Windows 8 or later and a wireless Bluetooth adapter. The process is simple, but it may take some time.

4. Turn on the controller How to Connect PS4 Controller to PC Bluetooth Windows 10 64 Bit:

There are a few ways to connect a PS4 controller to a Windows computer. You can use a USB cable, or you can connect it wirelessly via Bluetooth.

To connect a PlayStation 4 controller to a PC, you must first turn it on and put it into pairing mode.

This can be done by pressing the PlayStation and Share buttons simultaneously on the controller. The light bar will start flashing when the controller is in pairing mode.

Once the controller is on and in pairing mode, you can connect it to your computer using a micro-USB cable.

This is the simplest method of connecting a controller to a PC, but it does require that you have a spare USB cable lying around.

Another way to connect a PlayStation controller to a Windows PC is by using an application called BthPS3.

This application can update your Microsoft drivers for you, which can fix many issues that may be causing the connection to fail.

You can download BthPS3 from the official website. Once the app has been downloaded, you can launch it and follow the instructions on the screen to install the driver.


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