How to Connect a Mobile to an Android TV Box

If you have an Android TV Box and want to use it as a remote control for your TV, then you need to connect it to a wireless network. Luckily, there are several ways to do this.

USB tethering is one of the most popular methods. It offers a stable internet connection and lower ping and latency issues.

Wi-Fi How to Connect a Mobile to an Android TV Box:

Wi-Fi is a technology that allows nearby devices to communicate wirelessly over a local area network (LAN).

Most homes and small businesses use Wi-Fi to connect their computers, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs to the Internet.

Some Android TV boxes also have a built-in WiFi card and can be set up as a wireless Hotspot, allowing them to share a signal with other devices in the home.

This is handy for those who need to cover weak or poor areas of the home with a good WiFi signal.

To connect your Android phone to an Android TV box using Wi-Fi, turn on the device and go to the settings menu. Select the Wireless & Networking option and click the Connect button.

Bluetooth How to Connect a Mobile to an Android TV Box:

Bluetooth wireless technology is a handy way to transfer data between devices that are close together. It is used for a wide range of applications, including phones, headsets, speakers, and remote controls.

It is not the only wireless communication protocol available, but it does have some advantages over other options. Its maximum range is 10 meters, and it allows for data exchange at a rate of 1 megabit per second.

You can use Bluetooth to connect a variety of accessories to your Android TV box. Some common uses include connecting external speakers, headphones, and controllers to enhance your viewing experience.

However, you must be careful when using Bluetooth. It is also important to disable the technology when you are not using it, as unauthorized people can access your device and send files without your permission.

USB Tethering:

USB tethering is a simple way to share your smartphone’s mobile Internet connection over a physical cable with other devices. This feature is natively supported on Android phones since Android 2.2 “Froyo”.

To tether your mobile to your TV box using USB, simply plug one end of the cable into the TV box and the other into the phone. Then, you can mirror your phone’s screen on the TV to watch movies or play games.

Tethering can be a handy feature, especially for times when you’re out of Wi-Fi range but don’t have access to an available Wi-Fi network. But, it’s important to be aware that tethering can also charge your carrier’s fees.

Besides the above methods, you can also use your Android phone as a wireless modem to share its mobile data connection with your TV via a USB cable. To do so, open your TV’s settings and click on Connect to Available Wireless Network.

Ethernet Connect a Mobile to an Android TV Box:

An Ethernet cable is a standard connection that connects devices to each other. It operates via a protocol or set of rules and uses a shared network language to communicate with other Ethernet-equipped devices.

It’s used in wired local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). This is typically how you connect a router to a computer or other wired device in a home or business.

You can find Ethernet cables at most hardware stores and online retailers like Amazon. They come in different lengths to suit your needs.

Compared to wireless technology, Ethernet offers a much more reliable data transfer speed and is less vulnerable to disruptions. It’s also more secure and less prone to hacking.

The main drawback to using Ethernet is that it’s not as mobile and portable as a wireless connection, but it is still quite useful.

It’s usually faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi and can be a useful option if you need to keep your phone or laptop close to your TV Box.


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