How To Connect Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth

How To Connect Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth?

How To Connect Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth? The Anne Pro 2 is a great 60% compact keyboard that looks sleek in most computer setups. It features exceptionally low wired latency and full RGB backlighting.

It has factory-lubed stabilizers and an excellent set of switch options. The software is head and shoulders above pretty much any pack-in out there too.

1. Turn On the Bluetooth Switch:

The Anne Pro 2 is a solid 60% keyboard that has a lot of value for the price. It comes with a good set of Gateron switches and per-key RGB lighting. It also has a nice set of software for customization and functionality that rivals the software on many other mainstream keyboards.

One issue with this keyboard is that it can be difficult to get it to pair to a host. It is a little unclear in the documentation how to do this. You need to press FN2 and either 1, 2, or 3 (depending on the default mapping) while the keyboard is in pairing mode. After a few seconds the light will change from a slow flashing green to a quick flash. Then you can find it in the Bluetooth settings of your host.

Once you have paired it, you can save the device in one of four Bluetooth slots. Then you can easily switch between them using the same key combination. You can also reset the Bluetooth on your Anne Pro 2 if you are having trouble with it connecting. You can do this by pressing Shift+Option click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar.

The battery on this keyboard is 1900 mAh, rated for about 8 hours of wireless usage. Some users report that the battery dies after a few weeks of use, so you may want to consider an upgrade if this is a concern.

2. Connect Your Host:

If you are using an Anne Pro 2 Bluetooth, make sure your host supports BLE. You can do a quick check by right-clicking on the Windows icon (shortcut: Win + X) and selecting Device Manager. Look for the MicroSoft Bluetooth 4.0 emulator device, if this exists then your host is ready to connect.

Once you’ve got your host set up to recognize your Anne Pro 2, you can begin programming. The Anne Pro 2 is fully programmable through the ObinsLab Starter software, this is much better than the original software that came with the Anne Pro which was clunky and didn’t save your settings. The software has multiple tabs for adjusting key layout, lighting, special settings, and even firmware.

The Anne Pro 2 also supports N-key rollover USB out of the box. This was tested and confirmed by Aqua via Switch Hitter. However, the Bluetooth version does not support this, and so it may not work with certain applications that require dedicated arrow keys or nav cluster keys like page up and page down.


The Anne Pro 2 has a unique plate that looks and feels like stainless steel or aluminum painted white with thick paint. It’s a nice feeling board that looks great and is comfortable to use. However, the programmability is a bit of a let down. Especially compared to TMK and QMK.

3. Switch On the Broadcast:

The Anne Pro 2 is a smart and compact 60% RGB mechanical keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity. Its 61-key layout is capable of acting like a standard 104-key board thanks to key combinations that function by default and are programmable via software.

The keys are made from PBT double shot keycaps with a supreme matte texture feeling. This makes them durable and easy to clean. They also feature LED backlighting and support a variety of lighting effects. The LEDs are powered by a built-in battery that lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge.

Unlike the original Anne Pro, the new version features Kailh Brown switches which offer a more stable tactile feel and include stabilization bars for each keystroke. The new model also incorporates a button to switch between different color options for the keyboard’s backlight and supports full key anti-ghosting in wired mode.

The instructions for the Anne Pro 2 are terrible and seem to have been translated via Google Translate before being printed. It took a lot of experimentation to figure out how everything worked. This includes figuring out the backlight settings, how to connect it to a host device, and how to turn off the keyboard when not in use. The only way to shut it off without affecting your Bluetooth connection or macros is to flip the board over and press the little reset button – which requires a paperclip to press.

4. Connect Your Device:

The Anne Pro 2 is a fantastic 60% form factor keyboard with lots of features to make it your own. All the switch options, layers, and Tap mode help set this apart from the pack. The new firmware and software drivers have made it a lot easier to use than the original Anne Pro too.

There are some issues with the Bluetooth pairing and setup which are a little confusing but it’s not difficult to work around. When you first turn the board on it will have a slow flashing green which means it’s looking for a connection. If you press and hold the FN2 and one of the numerals 1 to 4 for about 30 seconds it will go into Bluetooth pairing mode.

Once it’s paired you can just search for the Anne keyboard and select it to connect. It supports up to four Bluetooth connections at once.

You can also set up your macros in the software. All keys are programmable and the Anne Pro 2 has a large amount of onboard memory for customization. The programmable keys include Magic Fn functions, key layouts, and even a macro setting.

The Anne Pro 2 is a much better keyboard than the AUKEY KM-G9. The Anne has a bigger selection of Gateron switches, more customization options, and less latency. It also has a better overall typing experience and support for two different incline settings.

Rasheed Alam

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