How to Connect Led to Battery Charging Pad

The LED strip consumes a certain amount of power depending on its run length. You should be able to find this information by checking the strip’s packaging. It should be indicated by the number of watts per meter.

The higher the wattage, the more current the strip consumes. Longer runs will also consume more energy because they will have a larger voltage drop.

This can be avoided by dividing long strips into shorter lengths and connecting them in parallel to the power supply.

Connecting LED strips to the power supply is relatively easy if you follow the right steps. First, make sure the power supply is on and that the wires are connected properly.

Always match the positive and negative markings on the wires to the appropriate ones on the LED strip. It is important to note that current flows from the positive side of an LED, called the anode, to the negative side (called the cathode).

Once you’ve matched up the connections, use a solderless connector to melt the wires together and cover them with a piece of heat-shrink tubing for insulation.

How to Connect Led to Battery Charging Pad to the Switch:

Also, If you want to add an on/off switch to your LED project, first figure out what the value of the resistor should be by using the formula (source voltage – LED voltage drop) / LED current amps = ohms.

Then, purchase a resistor with a value close to this number and solder it in place before connecting the LED.

Next, figure out which wire is the positive electrode by looking at the longer of the two leads coming out of the LED. The negative electrode is called the cathode and is the shorter of the two wires.

Connect the red wires from the LED strip to the stripped end of the red lead on your power jack. Connect the black wires to the stripped end of the black lead on your power jack.

Make sure all exposed ends are properly insulated and soldered together before running power through them. Remember, electricity is VERY dangerous! Always keep the power turned off while working with it.


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