How to Connect PC to Bluetooth Speaker Windows 7

How to Connect PC to Bluetooth Speaker Windows 7 is a fairly simple process. Most speakers have a built-in pairing button that turns on the device and places it into pairing mode.

The majority of modern computers will support a Bluetooth connection. However, older PCs may not have the hardware necessary to enable this.

Turn on the speaker How to Connect PC to Bluetooth Speaker Windows 7:

Ensure your computer and speaker are both turned on and have sufficient battery power. Place them within a 1 m (3 ft) range of each other and have Bluetooth enabled. Follow any on-screen instructions, such as a passkey (PIN), to authorize the connection.

Activate the speaker’s Bluetooth pairing mode as instructed in its user manual. Generally, this means pressing and holding a specific button until the Bluetooth light flashes. Some speakers also integrate a power switch that doubles as a pairing button.

Click on the Bluetooth icon in the Action Center. Windows will start looking for devices to connect to, including the Bluetooth speaker. It should appear in the list of available devices, and you should see a “Connecting to device” message on the screen.

Once the connection is complete, the speaker’s (BLUETOOTH) indicator should turn from flashing to a steady light. If not, the speaker may be out of range or the pairing process has failed.

Make the speaker discoverable:

To connect your Bluetooth speaker to your PC, it must be discoverable. This means that it must be able to send out signals advertising itself.

Many Bluetooth speakers have a dedicated pairing button that puts the device into discovery mode. Others have their power buttons double as a pairing switch. If you are unsure how to place your speaker into discovery mode, check the manufacturer’s manual.

Alternatively, you can manually enable your computer’s Bluetooth by opening System Preferences and clicking the Sound icon, which resembles a speaker.

Select your Bluetooth speaker from the list and click Connect. Once the device and the PC are paired, you will be able to use the speaker without going through the pairing process each time.

Note that your PC might automatically update its Bluetooth drivers when you connect a new device.

This is to ensure that you have the latest drivers and can connect to devices successfully. If this doesn’t happen, you can manually download and install the correct driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Turn on the PC:

If you want to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your PC, the first step is to turn on the PC. This should activate the Bluetooth speaker and put it in pairing mode.

Most speakers integrate a dedicated button that makes this easy, although the instructions in the device’s user manual should provide clear directions on how to put the speaker into pairing mode.

Once the computer and the speaker are paired, they will automatically connect any time they are within range and both are turned on.

If the two devices cannot connect, try turning off Bluetooth on both, resetting their Bluetooth settings, removing obstructions between them, or trying a different pair of headphones.

You can also connect the speaker to your laptop by opening System Preferences and selecting the Sound icon, which looks like a speaker, from the menu bar.

Click the Output tab and select your Bluetooth speaker as the default output. You can also change your audio settings from the Action Center, which is found by clicking on the icon of a screen with a clock in the taskbar.

Pair the speaker:

If the speaker has a Bluetooth pairing button, press it to place it into pairing mode. This button’s location and appearance vary by the speaker.

Once the speaker is in pairing mode, you should see a flashing or steady light indicating that it’s searching for a Bluetooth connection.

Once you’ve activated Bluetooth on your computer and made it discoverable, you can pair it to your speaker.

To do this, open the Action Center by clicking the icon that looks like a speech bubble near your clock on the taskbar. Click the + Add Bluetooth or other device button, and select your speaker from the list.

Some speakers may have an app that makes this process even easier, but the steps below should work on all Windows computers.

Once the two devices are paired, you’ll be able to stream music from your laptop to the speaker with ease. Enjoy! The steps below are for Windows 7, but they should also work on other versions of Windows.


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