How To Connect AirPod Pro Max

How To Connect AirPod Pro Max Headphones?

How To Connect AirPod Pro Max? Apple’s new headphones are impressively powerful. They’re designed to let you listen to music, take calls, and use Siri.

Usually, you just put them in your ears and they automatically connect to any Apple device you’re signed in with. You can also manually connect them to your iPhone or iPad.

Features Of Connect AirPod Pro Max

  • Apple’s AirPods have been in the audiophile market since they were introduced in 2014. They’ve become one of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy, and they have a lot going for them.
  • They have optical sensors that detect when you take them off your head or put them around your neck, and they will pause audio automatically. You can also activate Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri.” They have a digital crown on one ear cup that lets you adjust the volume and track controls, which is a great feature to have.
  • You can also use this button to switch between noise cancellation and transparency mode, which amplifies ambient sound for hands-free calls and other uses. The microphones on the AirPods Max are excellent, and they provide clear sound in noisy environments.
  • The headphones are powered by the new Apple H1 chip, which provides a stable Bluetooth connection and supports AAC and SBC codecs. Audiophiles will likely want to upgrade to a separate Bluetooth DAC/amp for high-resolution audio files and streaming, as the H1 doesn’t support aptX or LDAC.
  • The AirPod Pro Max’s most compelling feature is its exceptional sound quality. It delivers balanced, crisp highs and a natural-sounding midrange, with a very pronounced but controlled lower bass and sub-bass. For comparison, a similar pair of premium wireless headphones like Sony’s WH-1000XM4 have more bass but lack the clarity and instrument separation of the AirPods Max.

1. Turn on the headphones

After connecting the headphones to your iOS device, you can play music, take calls, and use Siri. The headphones will automatically switch (or hand off) to the other Apple device you’re using if they’re near it.

Unlike other AirPods, these feature a digital crown that controls volume and the direction you turn it to control music, and a stand-alone noise control button for calls and Siri. The headphones also have a new feature called Spatial Audio, which simulates surround sound and adjusts as you move your head.

To enter pairing mode, press and hold the noise control button on the right ear cup until the status light flashes white. Then open the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or iPad, select your headphones from the list, and follow the prompts. Apple says the process is fast and easy, but I wasn’t able to get it to work.

2. Press and hold the noise control button on the right ear cup until the status light flashes white.

When the status light flashes white, your AirPods Max are ready to pair with a device. This is usually a good sign, but sometimes it can indicate problems with your headphones’ connection to paired devices. Depending on the specific issue, this may include firmware glitches or dirt on-ear detection sensors.


Put the AirPods in their case with the lid open, and hold them next to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. A setup animation should appear on your device’s screen, and the status light will start flashing white. The AirPods are now in pairing mode and can connect to other iCloud-enabled devices. Your Mac will also notice them and offer you the option to join your AirPods in a group call or set up features like Hey Siri. You’ll need to be running macOS 10.14 or later with tvOS 11 or later to use these features.

3. Wait for the setup animation to appear on your device’s screen.

The AirPods’ wireless technology lets them connect to most compatible devices, including Android phones and tablets, Windows laptops, and even PS5 consoles. However, the simplest way to sync them is with another Apple product like an iPhone or iPad — thanks to iCloud.

On your iPhone, open the case and hold it next to your device until the setup animation appears on the screen. It may take a few seconds for the device to detect the AirPods in pairing mode.

The process is similar for iPad but with slightly different steps. Make sure the headphones are open, then press and hold the noise control button until the status light flashes white. After a few seconds, your AirPods will appear in the Bluetooth settings menu. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the setup. AirPods will also automatically set up with most other Apple products that use iCloud, including Apple Watch and Mac computers.

4. Tap Connect to pair your AirPods Max with your device.

With AirPods Max paired to your iPhone, you can use them with all your Apple devices—iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and more. That’s because your iCloud account keeps a record of the headphones’ type and model via Keychain, so they automatically connect to other Apple devices signed in with the same Apple ID.

AirPods are great for audio, but they also offer hands-free Siri and easy switching between multiple Bluetooth devices. You can even fine-tune the sound with Accessibility settings that let you tune balance, range, and brightness as well as a custom Audio Setup feature that analyzes your listening habits to provide personalized audio.

To pair your AirPods with a different device, first open their case (AirPods or Pro). Then within 60 seconds, move them close to the device you want to pair them with and wait for the setup animation to appear on that device’s screen.

5. Tap See & Hear How It Works to start the setup.

When your AirPods are paired with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac running iOS, tvOS, or macOS Sierra, audio is automatically switched between them and the device you’re using to listen. You can also manually switch sound output between Apple devices, or between an iPhone and a Mac.

The new AirPods have minimal controls, with a button for switching between noise cancellation and transparency mode and a digital crown on one cup to adjust the volume or track. It can also be pressed in to activate Siri and answer or reject incoming phone calls.

Open the case and press and hold the physical Setup button on the back of the case until its status light flashes white, then select it in your Bluetooth settings on any supported Apple device to pair. You can fine-tune the headphones’ sound profile in the Accessibility feature under Settings, which lets you tune balance, range, and brightness, and customize a personalized audio experience through a series of listening tests.

6. Tap Done to complete the setup.

Once you’ve successfully paired your AirPods Max to an Apple device, it’s time to enjoy some music. The headphones stay powered on unless they are in the case, where they enter a low-power mode to preserve battery life.

To turn the headphones on, remove them from the case and wait for the setup animation to appear on your device’s screen. Once the setup is complete, you can use your headphones for audio and take advantage of features like Hey Siri.

AirPods Max can automatically switch between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac—as long as they are signed in with the same Apple ID and are within range of each other. The headsets also can share audio with other headphones. To set up this feature, tap Settings on your iPhone or iPad, then select the AirPods you want to connect to other devices.


AirPod Pro Max is Apple’s first premium headphones with active noise-canceling and a unique transparency mode. Their bespoke drivers and 10-core H1 chip also deliver best-in-class audio quality, paired with an easy setup experience.

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