Mobile Hotspot Connected but no Internet access on Laptop

Mobile Hotspot Connected But No Internet Access on Laptop:

If your Mobile Hotspot is connected to your laptop but you are still not able to access the Internet, it’s very likely that your mobile data connection is failing.

There are a few things you can try if this problem occurs. Reboot your network adapter or router, or reset your WiFi network settings.

Rebooting your router Mobile Hotspot Connected but no Internet access on Laptop:

If you’re having trouble getting online, restarting your router and modem can fix the problem. Rebooting your equipment will refresh the IP tables and reload the configuration files. Afterward, check if the internet is still not working on your laptop.

If you did this step and still experience problems, continue troubleshooting. Note whether your router’s WAN light is blinking or solidly on. If so, you might need to contact your ISP.

You can also contact the manufacturer of your router for technical support. However, this can be a hit-or-miss experience. Some router manufacturers will even send a technician to your home to fix the problem. This will require a service fee.

If your laptop is not connecting to the wireless network, check if the router supports IPv6. If it doesn’t, try changing the settings on your router.

Make sure you’re using the latest firmware. Some routers will turn off IPv6 if it doesn’t support it. If this doesn’t work, try rebooting your router. It will reset the IP tables and refresh your network’s configuration files.

Another possible reason why Wi-Fi isn’t working on your laptop may be due to an outage from your internet provider. Check your provider’s website and social media pages for updates. You can also try calling the provider.

Resetting your network adapter:

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet on your laptop, you can try to reset your network adapter. You can do this through the Control Panel. Open the Network and Internet settings.

Click the Change adapter settings tab and uncheck the box that says “use Internet Protocol Version 6.” Once you’ve completed this step, restart your laptop and check if you’re still having trouble.

If you can’t resolve the problem, you may try to contact Microsoft support for assistance. The Microsoft support site includes an option called “Get help” that will allow you to describe your problem.

After you’ve filled out the form, click the “Contact Support” option to contact the company’s technical support team.

Another option is to check if your network adapter drivers are outdated or faulty. If you find that they are outdated or not installed, you can try updating them.

This can solve the issue and restore your internet connection. If you’ve tried all of these options and still have trouble, you can try using an alternate USB WiFi adapter.

You should also try restarting the mobile hotspot device. This way, you will prevent the speed drop and packet loss that occurs.

Try the same procedure on other connected devices. If the issue persists, you may need to update the WiFi adapter drivers on your computer.

Resetting your WiFi network settings:

If you have a mobile hotspot connected to your laptop but cannot access the Internet, it may be due to your wireless settings.

Resetting your wireless settings on your laptop can help you fix this issue. This can be done using the Control Panel. The first step is to uncheck the “Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)” checkbox. Then, test your connection.

Resetting your WiFi network settings on your laptop can also fix your problem. To reset your network settings, go to the Control Panel on your laptop. From the Control Panel, go to Network & Internet. On the left side, go to the Wi-Fi settings tab.

Click on the “Wi-Fi” icon. In the pop-up window, choose “Manage known networks.” Next, click on the Wi-Fi network you want to remove. If you do not see the option “Forget this network,” press “Forget” to delete it. Once you’ve done this, your laptop should be able to reconnect to the network.

If the problem is not resolved after performing these steps, you can try running Windows Update to resolve the problem. Windows Update checks the network adapter’s performance and tries to identify the best fix. If the problem still persists, restart your laptop.


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