How To Connect Two AirPods To iPad

How To Connect Two AirPods To iPad Using Apple’s Audio Sharing Feature?

How To Connect Two AirPods To iPad? You no longer have to share earbuds between two friends to enjoy your favorite song. With the latest versions of iOS, you can connect two pairs of AirPods to one iPhone or iPad using Apple’s Audio Sharing feature.

Audio Sharing works for music and other media, but it doesn’t support phone calls.

Features Of Connect Two AirPods To iPad

  • If you’re an Apple fan, the company offers several ways to pair headphones with your iPhone or iPad. But did you know that you can listen to two pairs of AirPods simultaneously? This isn’t possible until recently, but it’s a feature that will be useful for anyone who needs to multitask.
  • To connect two pairs of AirPods to your device, start playing audio in a music or video app and swipe down on the iPad’s screen to open Control Center. Tap the flashing AirPlay icon towards the top-right of the display, which looks like a solid triangle under a series of circles (AirPods and AirPods Pro require that their case be open to connect). Tap ’Share Audio’, grab another pair of AirPods, hold them close to the iPhone, wait for them to appear on the screen, and then tap them. The second pair of AirPods will be paired and connected to your device, allowing you to share the audio from one iPhone with two pairs of headphones simultaneously.
  • Apple’s Audio Sharing feature only supports two AirPods pairs. Still, suppose you want to expand your listening options. In that case, other solutions allow for simultaneous streaming or audio sync apps and group watch features on services such as Disney Plus and Prime Video. For even more versatility, some of Apple’s newer wireless headphones also support Dual Audio, which allows two Bluetooth headphones or speakers to connect to a single device. This feature is similar to the one offered by Samsung devices, though the latter’s Dual Audio doesn’t limit the type of headphones you can use to the company’s selected models.

1. Turn on Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets you connect devices. You can use Bluetooth to play music or videos, make and receive calls, listen to podcasts, hear reminders, and more. To use Bluetooth with your iPad, you need to turn it on and pair your AirPods.

To turn on Bluetooth, swipe down from the top of your iPad to open Control Center. Tap the Bluetooth icon. Then, select your AirPods from the list of devices that appear.

Once you’ve turned on Bluetooth and connected your AirPods to your iPad, you can enjoy a range of features. For example, you can control audio playback from your iPad’s Control Center or the Lock screen. And you can switch between two pairs of AirPods with different functions—such as audio sharing or voice activation.

You can also connect a second pair of AirPods to your iPad if you have one. To do so, connect the first pair to your iPad by opening the case with both earbuds inside and tapping the setup button on the back of the case (or the noise control button for Apple AirPods Max). A prompt should appear on your iPad.

2. Tap the AirPlay icon

You can connect a second pair of AirPods or headphones to your iPad so you and a friend can listen to the same audio at the same time. Audio Sharing works with music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and other apps that play audio. You can also control the current audio (such as playing, pausing, and going to the next/previous song) on your iPad.

To share your audio, swipe down from the top of the iPad screen to open Control Center and then tap the AirPlay icon. You can also find the AirPlay button on the Lock screen and in the app that’s currently playing audio.

To connect the second pair of AirPods or headphones, have your friend hold their case with the AirPods in pairing mode (they’re still locked in the case if they aren’t already paired). When you see their AirPods appear on the iPad screen, tap Share Audio. If you want to stop sharing your audio, simply disconnect the second pair of AirPods or headphones. You can do this from the Lock screen, Control Center, or the app that’s playing audio.

3. Bring the first pair of AirPods near your iPad

Before wireless earbuds, sharing music with friends was difficult and involved sitting next to each other or lending someone an earbud. With AirPods, this process is streamlined thanks to iCloud.


When you’re signed into iCloud, your AirPods automatically switch between Apple devices when you start playing media on one of them. You can also manually change audio sources by using the Now Playing screen or Control Center.

The second-generation AirPods also support hands-free Siri, so you can ask for a specific command or information without even touching your iPad. You can even use this feature with other third-party apps and services like Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok.

AirPods work with a wide variety of other devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, Windows laptops and desktops, and gaming consoles from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. The pairing process is similar across all of these platforms, with a few minor differences. You can connect up to two pairs of AirPods to the same device for convenient audio sharing. Here’s how to do it:

4. Tap the AirPlay icon again

One of the best features of Apple’s AirPods is the ability to share music and other audio with a friend. Whether you’re watching a movie or scrolling TikTok, it’s a fun way to get your friends involved without having to use speakers or hand over an earbud. Fortunately, it’s super easy to do with just a few taps.

All you need to do is swipe down from the top of your screen and open Control Center. Then, tap the AirPlay icon to see connected devices. Both pairs of AirPods will appear, and you can select the checkbox next to the pair that you want to disconnect from.

If you’re on a newer iPhone or iPad, this process may work automatically — as long as you’ve set up automatic pairing in Settings > AirPlay & Handoff. For older devices, it’s still a bit more complicated. Thankfully, this handy guide walks you through everything you need to know. And there are also some troubleshooting tips if you run into any issues. Enjoy!

5. Tap the second pair of AirPods

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If you and a friend both have AirPods or compatible Beats headphones, you can connect them to the same iPad at the same time to enjoy shared music, movies, TikTok, and more. Apple’s Audio Sharing feature removes the need to share earbuds, which can be awkward or messy. To use it, turn on Bluetooth on the iPad, open the AirPod case with the first pair of earbuds inside and bring them close to the device, tap the AirPlay icon in Control Center or the lock screen, select Share Audio, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

To disconnect the second pair of earbuds, swipe down from the top of the screen to open Control Center, tap the flashing AirPlay icon near the top-right corner of the screen, bring the earbuds close to the iPhone (with the case lid open for AirPods and AirPods Pro, or the case closed for compatible Beats), and then tap Temporarily Stop Sharing. Note that the head tracking feature of the second pair may not work.


Apple’s 2019 update to the wireless headphones made it possible to connect two pairs of AirPods to a single device. This feature removes the need to share or swap your headphones with friends, letting you and a friend enjoy music, movies, or audiobooks together. The only caveat is that the two pairs can’t be connected for audio sharing simultaneously.

If you’re using an iPad with the latest version of iOS, this is a great feature to know about. Thankfully, it’s simple to use. All you need to do is follow a few quick steps. Before you start, make sure your AirPods are charged and in their case. If you’re using a newer pair, the case should automatically open when it’s near your iPad.

To start Audio Sharing, swipe down on the lock screen or in the Control Center (iPhone X, iPhone 8, and later) and tap the AirPlay button. Select the first pair of AirPods from the list and tap “Share Audio.” Once you’ve selected the first pair, a checkmark will appear next to them on the iPad. You’ll be able to control playback (play, pause, next track/previous song) and adjust the volume for both sets of AirPods from the iPad.

If you need to disconnect a pair of AirPods from audio sharing, simply select them from the list and deselect the checkmark. They will still be connected for Bluetooth purposes, so they won’t suddenly stop working. Disconnecting one pair of AirPods from Audio Sharing will preserve any individual settings, such as noise control preferences, that you may have customized for each pair.

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